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orts her work. He driv

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MOGADISHU Shaquille O'Neal Lakers Jersey , Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- More than 20 people were killed including two lawmakers and deputy prime minister hospitalized after sustaining injuries in twin explosions in Mogadishu on Friday, authorities say.

Somali Police spokesman Qasim Ahmed Roble said deputy regional administrator of Banaadir region in Mogadishu was also killed and several other people have been admitted in various hospitals in the city.

"We have now established that over 20 people, among them two lawmakers and deputy regional administrator of Banaadir. The deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte and minister for Seaport and Transportation Ali Jamac Jangale were also injured and are recuperating in hospital," Bucul told journalists.

However, the police spokesman did not immediately confirm the identity of the rest of the victims.The upmarket Central Hotel which was attacked is normally frequented by government officials and Somali Diaspora.

Information Minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye condemned the attack, saying that investigations are ongoing.

The militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the car explosions. It said government officials and lawmakers were killed.

"We are behind the attack. We targeted government officials in the hotel, this is part of our operation in Mogadishu," Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Musab, Al-Shabaab's military operations spokesman, said.

The attacks came as security around Mogadishu and its environs had been heavily tightened ahead of the visit by Djiboutian leader.

The attacks also came amid an ongoing police counter-insurgency operation which killed one Al-Shabaab militant and nabbed others. Police had reported that some of the militants had escaped and were being pursued.

Senior intelligence officials were replaced two weeks ago following a series of drive by shooting of government officials.

The insurgents have been driven out of Mogadishu and strategic towns by joint Somali National Army and Africa Union peacekeeping force (AMISOM) operations, but they still manage to launch retaliatory attacks in the city.

Chinese actress Yao Chen with children at a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon.

As an actress Yao Chen is used to portraying the lives of others. But since being appointed the first Chinese honorary patron of the UNHCR, she has found meaning in sharing the true life tales of some of the world's most vulnerable people.

After returning from visiting Syrian refugees in southern Lebanon in May, actress Yao Chen had a recurring nightmare.

"On the way home from the grocery store, I find my house has been bombed. Everybody is running and crying. I cannot find my family. Then I survive alone in the ruins. Desperate, drinking rain water. I cry and cry and feel so much pain and then, I wake up all of a sudden.

"I hope I will never live that life and never suffer from war," Yao told China Central Television.

In 2010, Yao became the first Chinese honorary patron of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The 34-year-old actress and "Queen micro-blogger" has raised public awareness and support for refugees in the Chinese-speaking world.

With more than 71 million followers on Sina Weibo (a Chinese micro blog), she has shared her experience visiting countries such as Somalia and Sudan and told the stories of the refugees she met there, bringing a new understanding of refugee issues to the Chinese people.

In June 2013, she was named UNHCR's Goodwill Ambassador in China. Yao sees the title as an encouragement of her work, and she says she will keep doing her job to the best of her ability. "Our visit can't change their fate or current situation but it will draw attention from others, and I can share the area's condition with more and more people," she says.

She pays for all her trips from her own pocket. However, she has faced a barrage of questions about her choices. Some Chinese netizens suggest her visits are no more than publicity stunts, and others ask why she traveled overseas to help refugees while neglecting Chinese people who need help.

These reactions initially made Yao feel "angry and wronged". Sometimes she even started to question herself.

"It's different now, and you can see the effect. It's comforting that more and more Chinese have started to pay attention to the group of refugees, and more and more are answering those questions for me," Yao told the Beijing News.

Yao used to ask UNHCR's staff what else she could do for the refugees besides talking with them, but they said she has already done a lot. She had no idea what they meant until last year, when she noticed that UNHCR ranked fourth as the most searched word relating to charity on Chinese search engine, Baidu.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't even know the definition of refugees four years ago. I believe it's a gradual change in public awareness, and some people now know what refugees are," she told CCTV.

Yao says her husband supports her work. He drives her to the airport every time she travels, and sends her flowers when she returns. They want to take their 1-year-old son to visit refugees when he is older.

In May, Yao paid a three-day visit to Beirut. Lebanon's capital city was unsafe and car bombs were going off and gunshots were heard on the streets. Each time she went to the local UNHCR office, she had to undergo strict security checks and her car was swept for bombs.

In June, UNHCR announced that 1.092 million Syrians had fled to Lebanon to seek asylum. Many had to live in dilapidated or unfinished buildings, garages and storehouses, and 15 percent lived in about 1,000 unofficial refugee settlements established by international relief organizations including UNHCR. Until the end of 2013, there were 51.2 million homeless in the world.

Yao says that even if she had known about the danger in Beirut, she would have gone. It scared her, but she felt it was her. Cheap College Jerseys China Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap College Basketball Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China

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