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Thema: Limestone mill powder processing

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Limestone mill powder processing Heute, 05:31 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Raw limestone are the main components in the natural rock of calcium carbonate, calcined under proper temperature, ruled out after the decomposition of carbon dioxide, the income of the calcium oxide (CaO) as the main ingredients of the product is the lime, also known as quick lime. Generally lumpy, pure white, with impurities in light gray or light yellow. Any natural rock, such as limestone, chalk, dolomite limestone, which is the main component of calcium carbonate, can be used to produce lime.
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The original lime production process is to layer limestone and fuel (wood), and calcinate the fire for a week. With the development of science, the production of quicklime adopts mechanized, semi-mechanized vertical kiln, rotary kiln and boiler. In recent years, the processing of limestone with ultrafine mill has been introduced, and the utilization value and range of quicklime have been improved.
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Use of grinder machining process for limestone: the raw limestone by calcining equipment such as rotary kiln for calcining process, after processing of lime into calcium oxide, the calcium powder through screw conveyor into the host of the mill, the multilayer rollers multiple rings, under the joint action of into ultra-fine lime stone powder, the ultra-fine limestone powder through the effect of wind, transported to storage bin, and collected after the processing of dust removal equipment.
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Thema: Steel City "silver four" market is still worrying

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Steel City "silver four" market is still worrying Gestern, 05:18 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>Looking forward to April, the pressure on the fundamentals of steel market gradually highlights that there is still room for short-term steel market turmoil if the implementation of the production capacity policy and the demand in the traditional peak season are not satisfactory.Best Products Cut Metal 430 Grade 1Mm Thick Stainless Steel Sheet </p>
<p>Overall, in March the market mainly has the following main lines throughout, as a market pulse or direct or indirect impact. First, there is a need for adjustment in the later period due to the continuous rise of violence in the early period. Coupled with the late release of less than expected demand, prices continue to rise violently cut off the space.factory price astm a53 25mm square steel galvanised </p>
<p>Second, the United States to raise interest rates, the central bank's capital across the board to tighten to prevent the outflow of funds, combined with bank end of the month assessment factors, resulting in liquidity too tight capital surface, the spot and the upstream and downstream funds face a comprehensive emergency. Third, the futures market shift positions for the month, 1710 contract was artificially suppressed, with the spread of 1705 contracts reached 200 yuan or more, exacerbating the market volatility, the spot market continues to be bundled with futures, fell space to open.Diverso tamaño de ERW tubo de acero inoxidable soldado </p>
<p>Fourthly, the embankment of confidence level has become the most important part of all the overlay factors. Under the situation that the pre-profits have been locked up, the market's pessimistic psychology prevails and the tempo of low-priced cash-out accelerates. However, it is gratifying to note that when the price dropped to a certain point, the demand for admission to the stores started to increase. Although the price plunged, no cliff-breaking quotations appeared.factory directly supply 310h stainless steel round bar </p>
Thema: Open the router address in the address of the fiber cat

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Open the router address in the address of the fiber cat Gestern, 05:11 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>When we enter in the browser input address of Original ONU Huawei MA5673 GPON ONU Best Price is the cat fiber interface, indicating that your cat dial-up is no problem, you want to enter the wireless router address, the results into the cat to set the address, this is because you open the address of your cat is to set the address, or your cat set address to the wireless router to set the address is the same, we want a normal open wireless router address of router address must be modified before they can enter the normal wireless router. </p>
<p> was the first to connect to a wireless router disconnect cat, directly using a mobile phone or laptop to search your wireless router, wireless router after a successful connection, according to the instructions on the back of the CISCO3825 SEC K9 Cisco 3825 Network Router or account number and address into the set interface, you can separate to no router settings. As long as we put the router address into the address set and the cat is not the same, such as the cat's address is we can put the wireless router address can be set:; following </p>
<p> setting methods: </p>
<p> if your router default address is then open the address in the browser (remember don't connect cats. Otherwise it will conflict); default account and password are admin </p>
<p>; after entering, find the network parameters on the right (or advanced settings), modify the LAN port settings. </p>
<p> can, then the next time you set up the router address is the address. </p>
<p> then set up your router's Internet account and password; click to set the WAN port to set up </p>
<p> so your wireless router is basically set. There's no conflict with the fiber - optic cat. </p>
<p> then go to separate the cat fiber connected to the computer, set the cat is set to the optical fiber, and by the wireless router dial-up can, without setting the internet account and password, because it is through a wireless router to dial-up, set the cat and the Huawei OSN 3500 SSND0SXCSA11 can be connected, then you can be a normal through a wireless router to the internet. </p>
Thema: Crusher, the first class crushing efficiency is great

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Crusher, the first class crushing efficiency is great 22.02.2018 02:51 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Crusher can play a unique role in railway construction in China, and provide a lot of basic aggregate for industry users. In the construction of high-speed railway, the basic aggregate demand has super quality and stable performance, the crusher is strong in production capacity, and the processed aggregates are of good shape and good quality. Its advanced technology and stable operating efficiency have become the top of domestic machinery industry, deeply loved by consumers.

To make our country more prosperous and prosperous, railway construction has become a key investment in the 21st century. Due to the large population in China, there are many areas in the region that need to improve the economic level, and it is the most important step to strengthen the railway construction. The future of railway construction will still guarantee certain investment scale and growth rate. All of these undoubtedly contributed to the huge development opportunities and space of the mountain crusher.As the professional equipment of the industry users, the crusher has a high cost performance from design to production. It adopts the international new process design, the powerful crushing effect is the magic weapon of the mountain crusher. It can be broken for super hard rock and ore, and can be broken according to user's requirement.Intelligent Lab Rotary Tube Calciner Furnace with Vacuum Pump
The produced aggregate grain shape is good, the size is even. It is the best production equipment for railway construction. Moreover, the production process is fast, which eliminates the slow phenomena of the previous production links and greatly improves the production and processing efficiency.
Thema: January domestic steel PMI rose to 49.7% enthusiasm for production

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January domestic steel PMI rose to 49.7% enthusiasm for production 21.02.2018 10:11 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>In January, the PMI for the domestic steel industry was 49.7%, up 2.1% from the previous month. This shows that the situation in the steel industry also improved slightly against the background of macroeconomic stabilization and recovery. However, the index is still within 50% of the contraction range for two consecutive months.anping 10 gauge 304 316 316l stainless steel wire </p>
<p>Among the major sub-indices, the production index of the steel industry rebounded slightly, but remained in the contraction zone for three consecutive months. The new orders index rebounded to the expansion zone again. The finished goods inventory index and purchase price index dropped slightly. The production and operation activities Expected index rose to nearly 5-month highs.Stainless Steel 3 Inch Pipe Clamp </p>
<p>All these data show that the current domestic steel industry supply and demand situation continues to improve, steel companies order well organized, steel stocks decline, the general outlook for the market outlook is more optimistic. At present, the enthusiasm of the steel mills has risen. Production-related procurement activities showed a clear trend of expansion.</p>
<p>Purchasing Volume Index rebounded 2.6 ppts in January to 52.9%. The Import Raw Materials Index rebounded 5.8 ppts to 56.9%, the highest level since May 2016 and was in an expansion range for 4 consecutive months. The Raw Material Index L "to nearly 9-month high, up 0.8 ppt YoY to 53.1%. Judging from the changes of these indexes, with the continuous rise of steel prices, the profits of steel mills continue to improve, the enthusiasm for production has risen, and optimistic expectations of the market outlook have been achieved. The enthusiasm of raw materials procurement by steel mills has risen markedly.15mm Thickness Stainless Steel Sheet 316 Stainless Steel Sheet </p>
Thema: Stainless steel seamless tube manufacturer fundamentals formed a positive

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Stainless steel seamless tube manufacturer fundamentals formed a positive 21.02.2018 03:05 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>In recent years, although there are Million stainless steel seamless pipe enterprises through the addition of refining furnace to enhance the quality of products manufactured by IF furnace, but often times, the pursuit of low-cost stainless steel seamless pipe business, so that refining furnace to become a display. Xu Xiangchun said IF furnace has a natural defect, the molten steel can not be any adjustment, this equipment defects lead to technical defects, making the product quality has inherent defects.ASTM A 106GRB Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe For Fluid Transport </p>
<p>Foreign scrap metal as a raw material for the short process are the use of electric arc furnace, which can effectively control product quality, but the higher investment costs. In the context of stainless steel seamless pipe to capacity, strip steel and IF furnace to become the primary goal, which gave the market a lot of policy expectations.China supplier universal much variety series 316 stainless steel plate </p>
<p>The removal of the strip of steel will be to some extent to change the supply structure of stainless steel, good construction of stainless steel, the current real estate regulatory policies for sales, investment, new construction negative impact better than expected, the New Year stainless steel seamless pipe price movements to form a certain support. Currently approaching the Spring Festival, there is no market price of stainless steel seamless pipe market more reflect the market for the post-holiday market is expected.Cepillo de alambre respetuoso del medio ambiente del nudo de torsión del precio de fábrica </p>
<p>Stainless steel seamless pipe prices in 2016 after the soaring, limited upside space in 2017, but the downside is limited, more will be high oscillations. Although short-term breakthrough in the previous high or below the previous lows may be, but the supply side of the structural improvement of stainless steel seamless pipe fundamentals formed good.Best Price Galvanized 80x80 Steel Square Tube </p>
Thema: Extensive use of blast furnace slag

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Extensive use of blast furnace slag 13.02.2018 09:08 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Blast furnace slag is kind of molten silicate substances discharged from the blast furnace smelting pig iron; blast furnace smelting, from the top into the iron ore, fuel (Jiao Tan) and the flux, when the furnace temperature reaches 1400~1500 DEG C, the material to be melted into liquid in the liquid phase, floats at the mouth through the iron slag, the main iron ditch skimmer separation or slag discharge, which is blast furnace slag. Blast furnace slag is composed of gangue, ash, and other impurities can not enter the flux in pig iron which is a eutectic mixture.
There are three ways of dealing with the high temperature slag of blast furnace slag: natural cooling into hard dry slag by water quenching; high temperature liquid slag crushed into slag loose; with steam or compressed air to heat the liquid slag down, turned into a fluffy slag.Plastic Vacuum Metallizing Machine
The blast furnace slag is a good method for comprehensive utilization, and 100% of the advanced blast furnace slag has been used. At present, punching equipment of water slag can ensure the quality of water glass slag, the degree can reach 90% ~ 95%, the average particle size of slag is 0.2 ~ 3.0mm, slag water is less than or equal to 15%.2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid ring c
The main uses of the blast furnace slag are as follows: (1) the production of slag cement. Water slag has potential water and cementitious properties, and it can show the hard cementitious property of water under the action of cement clinker, lime and gypsum and so on, so it is a good raw material for cement. Water slag can not only be used as cement mixture, but also can be made into non clinker cement. (1) slag Portland cement is made by mixing Portland cement clinker and water slag 3% to 5% of gypsum, mixing or grinding, and then mixing evenly. Slag Portland cement is referred to as slag cement for short.
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Thema: Application of silicon and molybdenum rod products

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Application of silicon and molybdenum rod products 13.02.2018 05:13 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

MoSi2 heating element products are widely used in metallurgy, steel, glass, ceramics, refractory material, crystal, electronic components, semiconductor materials research, manufacturing and other fields, especially for high performance precision ceramics, high-grade artificial crystal, precision metal structure ceramics, glass fiber, optical fiber and high alloy steel production.
Silicon molybdenum silicon carbide as a non metal electric heating element, with high purity of six green silicon carbide as the main raw material, the high temperature of 2200 DEG C recrystallization into the normal temperature is 1450 degrees centigrade, reasonable use conditions, continuous use for more than 2000 hours in the air, without any protective atmosphere. It is suitable for all kinds of electric furnaces.
The silicon and molybdenum rods have high oxidation resistance. In the high temperature atmosphere, the surface of the original part produces a dense layer of quartz SIO2 protection layer to prevent the continuous oxidation of MOSI2. When the element temperature is more than 1700 degrees and the melting point is 1710 degrees, the SIO2 protection layer is fused. Because of the effect of the surface tension, SIO2 is fused into droplets, and the protective effect is lost. The SIO2 protection layer is regenerated when the element continues to be used in the oxidizing atmosphere.Watch Case Vacuum Plating Machine
Silicon carbide as a non metal heating element is made from high purity six green silicon carbide as the main raw material, according to a certain ratio of material processing of billet, rod, tube with high temperature of 2200 DEG C silicide recrystallization sintering made of non metal high temperature electric heating element. The normal use temperature in the oxidizing atmosphere can reach 1450 degrees C, and it can be used for up to 2000 hours in continuous use.
Application: silicon carbide silicon carbide due to the use of high temperature, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, long service life, high temperature characteristics of small deformation, easy installation and maintenance etc.. It has good chemical stability.China Manufacturer Multistage High Pressure Water Pump
If it is matched with the automatic power supply system, the precise constant temperature can be obtained, and the temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the actual needs of the production process. It has been widely used in national defense, machinery, metallurgy, light, ceramics, semiconductor, field test and analysis of scientific research, as all kinds of electric heating element of electric furnace kiln. Tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass furnace, vacuum furnace, Ma Fu furnace, smelting furnace and all kinds of heating equipment, the use of silicon carbide heating is convenient safe and reliable. It is widely used in a variety of high temperature electric furnaces and electric furnaces in electronics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metallurgy and machinery industry. And its electric heating equipment.
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Thema: What kind of mill equipment is used for processing lithium pyroxene?

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What kind of mill equipment is used for processing lithium pyroxene? 13.02.2018 04:47 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

It is widely used in many industries such as chemical industry, glass, ceramics and so on. Not only that, but from a luminous point of view, it can also store energy after being heated or exposed to light, and can glow or fluoresce, so it is also called pyroxene.
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The famous origin of lithia is the United States of California, Brazil minas gerais, Madagascar, Pakistan, myanmar and China's xinjiang and so on, the reserves of li hui shi is more abundant. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of lithium pyroxite in various industries has been expanding, and it is becoming more and more refined.
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High pressure mill in combination with the most advanced grinding technology, according to the domestic mill the development trend and demand of the market, designed for superfine powder processing user a new equipment, high cost performance of final fineness of one-time can reach D97 5 microns or less. Under the same product fineness and power consumption, it has lower investment cost, shorter recovery cycle and more than 45% increase in production.Good Pricing Premium Controlled Atmosphere Annealing Furnace
Thema: Enamel incense burner

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Enamel incense burner 13.02.2018 03:30 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Enamel incense for the Qing Emperor Qianlong era enamel device, a "Qianlong Year" models, they are simple shape, ornamentation graceful, the production process is also very fine, with a high collection value.
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Copper tire gold. Round, open, along the roll, double erect ears, short neck, flat abdomen, flat, short three pyramids.
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The inner walls are light blue enamel glaze, the outer wall is yellow enamelled, the enamel is gorgeous and bright, the enamel is delicate and smooth, the embellishment is the hook line, the mottled floral pattern is drawn. The petals are painted with white edges, painted red, blue and purple colors. Green to black Crochet, of which six on the Red Lotus Tuotuo peach, peach Seal book a group of Chinese characters. At the end of the blue square box regular script "Yongzheng year" four characters.
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Thema: Like ear copper stove

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Like ear copper stove 12.02.2018 09:37 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

Collection features: This copper stove 10 cm high, mouth diameter 9.5 cm, two double-headed ears on both sides of the furnace body, each ear have a ring. The shaft is brown in tone. The bottom of the regular script &quot;Ming dynasty Xuande system.&quot;

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Relevant Background Information: The Ming Dynasty Xuande copper incense burner is produced during the peak period, the Xuande furnace produced by the exquisite choice of materials, exquisite workmanship, simple and elegant style, was very precious. Xuande stove rich in color, it is based on fuchsia, brown, green, green, red, blue, yellow, white, gold and dozens of colors. Furnace structure by the furnace ears, shaft, stove foot three parts. Stoves are: elephant ear, lion ear, ring ear, etc., are placed in pairs on both sides of the shaft. Thickness of the furnace wall, there is a heavy feeling in the hand; section of the norms of dignified norms, mostly at the bottom of the furnace. According to records: Xuande furnace only cast in Xuande three years, a total of 5000, after the closure of the furnace is not cast. As Xuande copper crown crown the world, so a lot of imitation later generations, but no matter how imitation, its color, copper and the real Xuande furnace far.

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Expert Comment: This is a hearth furnace. The characteristic of this furnace is that it is not particularly large in size, but it looks very special. This shape is very simple, the color of this is a chestnut color, just like the color chestnut skin, if these two stoves together, just as the Sun said that is a kind of study with a play, A furnace gives the impression that it feels a bit like the kind of ladylike, it is relatively calm; a little second home stove a little jasper beauty, very beautiful, this is currently speaking, although the two furnace is In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, however, it was said that these two ovens were top-grade commodities in the mid-Qing period. Most of the products we can see in the market are mostly imitations since the middle of the Qing dynasty. Of course, for these imitation ovens, there is a very high The value of the collection.

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Thema: We visit stainless steel manufacturers together

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We visit stainless steel manufacturers together 12.02.2018 07:55 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>Driving Dreams with Culture: Corporate culture is the soul of a company when it comes to corporate culture. "We often eat and chat with grassroots employees, and they are an indispensable part of our dream."China Perforated Metal Sheet Steel Plate </p>
<p>The company is responsible for employees, employees work hard for the company. The steel produced in this cultural atmosphere is carefully produced and the quality is beyond doubt.Carbon mild steel angle bar </p>
<p>To create quality brand: Million Hong Kong companies, adhering to the "professional, focused and specific" business philosophy, to become the leader in stainless steel brand. "Because we focus on stainless steel, we are more dedicated and professional than our peers." "Million Hong Kong" is responsible for consumers, but also stick to their own industry ethics.Conexión de tubería de cuatro vías cruzada de rosca de acero inoxidable </p>
<p>To win the trust of service: Million Hong Kong always adhere to the credibility of the supremacy never been because of delivery and quality problems by the customer complaints. Products sold by the company are widely used in petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries. The company thoughtful service, customers would like to think ahead to customer service, has a sound after-sales service and quick logistics and distribution, and steel stocks.Best Selling 1.4404 Material Pipe China Factory </p>
Thema: Granite processing technology

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Granite processing technology 12.02.2018 03:50 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Granite is the intrusive rock in the magmatic rock, and this is the most common type of rock in this class, mostly shallow meat red, light gray, gray, etc. Granite can also be further named according to the dark mineral species. Mohs hardness is generally 6-7, belonging to medium hard stone.
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Granite rock because of the hard, difficult to be alkali or erosion, weathering granite, high strength, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, good asphalt adhesive is used widely in building stone, since it has the characteristics of porosity is much and hard, to be blended in concrete, can make the concrete weight, do not break again strong, has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, at the same time become a high-rise building high-quality aggregate of lightweight concrete.

Granite crushing production process generally can choose two stage crushing process, first choose jaw crusher, granite material first by vibrating feeder evenly send to jaw crusher for coarse crushing processing, the second choice counterattack crusher, and then continuous, quantitative will be crushed by belt conveyor after further broken inside material into the counterattack crusher; Finely marble/granite particles through the sieve after the screen into different grades, you can use the circle vibrating screen screening out 1 to 2, 2-4, 4 to 8 different specifications of stones, meet the requirements of the material will be sent to the sand making machine sand integrity, unqualified material are back to the superior to broken; Finally, the sand from the sand making machine should be washed and cleaned by the washing machine, and the finished product can be obtained.
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Thema: How to prevent mechanical failure:

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How to prevent mechanical failure: 11.02.2018 08:26 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

1, the cloth is reasonable, all kinds of iron and steel materials are reasonable in the basket, so that the lightweight steel material can not form a cluster at the top of the furnace, so as to form a large scrap scrap and break the electrode.New Condition Engineer Aftersale Service Support Rearview Mirror Complete Production Line
2, melting, melting material not observe the distribution of the bridge structure to generate, through the method of blowing oxygen or physical oscillation, let the material in the electrode position rise fall down, avoid breaking electrode;PVD Vacuum Metalizing Electroplating Coating Plating Machine
3, the installation of the electrode should be reasonable and standardized to ensure the stability of the clamping and installation.
4, the position of the electrode junction is correct, the electrode holder should be above the connecting place, and can not be clamped on the open or hanging ring.
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Thema: Green ramon mill

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Green ramon mill 11.02.2018 05:44 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

The environmental protection ramon mill is one of the hot spots of the customer's powder investment. More and more customers are abandoning the pursuit of low price and starting to turn their attention to the energy saving and environmental protection of the ramon mill.

For nearly two years, the state has been attaching great importance to environmental protection issues, and the supervision and inspection of production enterprises is very strict. During this period, the production line of the ramon mill that did not meet the requirements was discontinued, which affected the normal operation of the flour milling operation. It is the original purchase of the ramon mill cannot meet the requirements of green production.Custom ma e high temperature brazing furnace for ra iator an vacuum cup
As you all know, in this industry, industrial powder is easy to cause dust pollution to environment, it is also a lot of Raymond mill production factory has been dedicated to solve the problem, so environmental Raymond mill arises at the historic moment. The environmental protection ramon mill has injected fresh environmental protection ideas into the equipment configuration, solved the environmental pollution problem from the equipment root, and actually realized the green production.
Thema: Heaven incense burner

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Heaven incense burner 11.02.2018 03:54 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Heaven incense burner, traditional Chinese medicine name. For the wild Peony Branch Jin Jinxiang Osbeckia chinensis L. whole plant or root. Jin Jin Hong plants, located in the south of the Yangtze River in Taiwan, Guangxi, Guizhou and other places. With phlegm dampness, stasis to stop bleeding, detoxification swelling effect. Indications cough, asthma, pediatric products, diarrhea dysentery, Fengshibitong, hemoptysis, stool blood, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum stasis abdominal pain, toothache, rectal prolapse, bruises, snake bites hurt.
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Heaven incense burner about 60cm. Root cylindrical, taupe, hard and brittle wood. Stem square columnar, old stem slightly cylindrical, coarse 2-4mm, yellowish green or purple-brown, is closely the yellow coarse hair, crisp and brittle, pith or hollow. Leaves opposite, short stalked, linear to linear-lanceolate, 2-5 cm long, 2-6 mm wide, apex acute, base rounded, yellowish green on lower surface, lighter on lower surface, golden yellow on both surfaces Basal veins 3-5, lateral veins is not obvious. Head globose; calyx yellow-brown, corolla dark purple, wrinkled, easy to fall off. Capsule campanulate, cuplike calyx, light brown or yellowish brown, apex truncate. Gas micro, taste astringent, slightly sweet. Leaves more, with fruit is better.
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Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit mixed segments. Root wood, skin light tan. Stems square, brown, Phi close to the brown hair. The old stem is round, brown. Leaves yellowish green, lower surface is shallow, both sides are pale brown hair. Wrinkled, dark purple-brown. Dark purple brown fruit, top truncation. Gas micro, micro-astringent, slightly sweet.
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Thema: Trolley furnace maintenance plans

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Trolley furnace maintenance plans 09.02.2018 09:32 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

A. The structure and performance of the electric furnace and its auxiliary equipment.
B, distribution system, control system layout and location of safety device.
C, operating process and safety operation regulations.black nitride coating machine for watch straps
Pre operation preparation check
A, the power supply equipment is normal, whether there is a phase interruption, short circuit or bare wire etc..
B, check whether the contact of grounding device is in good contact.
C, check whether the heating element is damaged, the contact of each connection is good, there is no contact with the furnace and the housing.
D, check whether the temperature control system is abnormal.Complete Automatic UV Paint Shop Plastic Component Curing Line Vacuum Equipment
E, check the rise and fall of the door, the running of the trolley is normal.
3, the workpiece with corrosive, volatile and explosive gas is strictly prohibited from entering the furnace body processing, so as not to affect the heating element and refractory life and cause explosion accidents.
4, the electric furnace must not run over temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.
The 5, the oxidation Pitaiduo into the furnace before removal, available wire brush down.
6, the workpiece is stacked evenly, the heating element should be around 100-150mm.
7. The barbaric operation is strictly prohibited, and the work pieces should be placed lightly to avoid the impact.
8. When the electric furnace is used, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization. It is necessary to pay attention to the normal working condition of the electric furnace.
9. When the electric furnace is handling the workpiece, it is necessary to cut off the power of the heating element first in order to ensure the safety of the operator.
10, the oxide of the hearth (including the wire of the electric furnace) should be regularly cleaned up, at least once a week or five times. The bottom floor of the furnace can be blown with compressed air.
11, if the wire is used, it is not allowed to crash and break, so as not to break.lab heating equipments scientific rotary tube furnace
12. The electric motor of the electric furnace must be checked regularly, add lubricating oil and so on, and pay attention to the use of safety.
13. The lubricating oil must be checked regularly at the gear sleeve to prevent the shaft from being damaged by the lack of oil.
14, check the use of heating elements regularly. After the heating element is used for a short time, it can not bend and collide. If you do not have serious corrosion and broken, and can use the same electric wire material (or electric wire itself) as electrode, heating welding using acetylene gas, using 50% electrode powder Baiyun mixture, if the heating element of serious corrosion can not be used, should be replaced.
15. Check the use of the instrument and thermocouple regularly to prevent the error caused by the error of the instrument and thermocouple and to affect the quality of the product.
Thema: How to improve the service life of the furnace lining

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How to improve the service life of the furnace lining 09.02.2018 04:46 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>First, the high temperature furnace and experimental electric furnace in use for the first time and the day after, are required to play in the high temperature furnace lining and the furnace body and the sintering. The lining of the furnace is divided into acid and alkaline lining according to the different materials and smelting needs, and the acid lining is used in our factory. The lining of the furnace is made of quartz sand and other materials, and the induction coil is protected by a protective layer of isolation melting material and induction coil in the furnace body wall. We should pay attention to the lining of the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental electric furnace. The lining of the furnace should be baked in a long period of low temperature, so that it condenses into a solid whole and has a considerable strength, which can withstand the stirring of molten liquid and the impact of the feeding. In sintering, the method of low power and slow heating of the air furnace should be followed for more than 36 hours of continuous baking so that it is fully solidified and solidified. The good or bad of the lining of the furnace is an important prerequisite to ensure the service life and safety of the medium frequency electric furnace.UHP Arc Furnace Carbon Graphite Electrode
It is the key to prolong the service life of medium frequency electric furnace and ensure the safety of life when the lining of the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental furnace lining is good. Under the same circumstances, the operation should be checked before using the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental electric furnace. Whether the flow of the water cooling system is smooth, whether the cooling water and water pressure is normal, whether the water temperature is normal, whether there is water leakage phenomenon, whether the hydraulic system can work normally or not. The operation should be careful not to touch, touch, one person, one care, and prohibited Xianzarenyuan enter the room, to prevent electric shock. In the process of melting to use molten material drying, and do it with care, often feeding, when the furnace melt melted to need should be poured, avoid high temperature increase loss of lining; ground observation, when found outside furnace body redness phenomenon, this is the harbinger to leak, should be taken in a timely manner to shut down the intermediate frequency power supply out of the furnace, molten material and other measures to avoid the occurrence of leakage accident of furnace. In use, it should also be noted that when the lining becomes very thin and can not be used, the old lining should be smashed and the new lining should be redone to prevent the leakage of the furnace.LandGlass Cyclone Jet Convection Horizontal Flat Glass Tempering Furnace
In addition, the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental furnace electric furnace work at high temperature, high voltage and high current. Therefore, often should clean dust room, power supply cabinet and induction coil connecting copper bar, reduce the failure to prevent insulation. Often check whether the water flow and water pressure of the cooling water are normal. Fasten the connecting bolts and nuts of each component regularly to prevent bad contact from burning parts. Regular maintenance of water cooling system pump motor, hydraulic station motor, clean hydraulic oil, ensure the normal water supply and oil supply. Regularly rated voltage of the equipment, check the current protection circuit, to prevent failure. Regular, correct and meticulous maintenance is an important guarantee for prolonging the service life and ensuring safety of the medium frequency electric furnace
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Thema: Pebble sand machine

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Pebble sand machine 09.02.2018 03:32 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

As is known to all, sand making machine is pebble sand, the core of artificial mechanism of sand production equipment, the high performance of crushing and sand production, can meet the needs of sand and gravel aggregate, in such aspects as construction and municipal construction has its outstanding performance. The production line of sand making machine can meet the requirements of the construction of each project in terms of output and quality, as well as the requirement of mechanized construction.

But usually equipment after the storm or external factors, such as, or is their own operational problems will lower the efficiency of the sand making machine equipment, such as key components of the sand making machine usually include bearing, impact block (also known as the plate hammer), back plate, chassis plate and turned my daughter guard board, etc. So how do you make these parts work the most, and extend the service life, we need not only to operate the rules but also to know how to maintain and replace them.
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First of all, we first understand the bearing of the sand making machine, which is mainly used to fix the hammer head and board hammer or impact plate, so that it can cooperate perfectly with the motor. In addition, because the crusher USES the rotating device to connect with the drive, the bearing is also a necessary part. The bearing lubrication technology used in sand making equipment USES lubricants and lubricants, which can effectively reduce the wear between machines and improve the service life of the equipment.
Thema: Million stainless steel seamless pipe production hit a record high

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Million stainless steel seamless pipe production hit a record high 09.02.2018 03:26 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

<p>1. Hot-rolled (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube ’ heating ’ perforated ’ three-roll oblique rolling, rolling or extrusion ’ tube removal ’ sizing (or reducing) ’ cooling ’ straightening ’ hydrostatic test (Or testing) ’ mark ’ storage.AISI 304 polished stainless steel round bar price </p>
<p>Rolled seamless pipe raw material is round tube, circular tube embryo to cut through the cutting machine into a length of about 1 meter blank, and sent to the furnace by the conveyor belt heating. Billet was sent to the furnace heating, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. Furnace temperature control is the key issue: After the tube is discharged through the pressure piercing punch.</p>
<p>Generally more common piercing machine is a conical roller piercing machine. This piercing machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, good product quality, large amount of perforation expansion, and can wear many kinds of steel. After perforating, the round tube has been three-roll oblique rolling, rolling or extrusion. After extrusion to take off the tube sizing. Sizing machine through the cone bit high-speed rotation into the steel embryo drilling, the formation of steel. The inner diameter of the pipe is determined by the outer diameter of the sizing drill bit.precio de fábrica barato de ppgi bobina de acero galvanizado prepintado </p>
<p>After the diameter of steel pipe, into the cooling tower, through the spray cooling, steel cooling, it will be straightened. Steel straightening by the conveyor belt to the metal detector (or water pressure test) for internal testing. If there are cracks inside the steel pipe, bubbles and other issues, will be detected. Pipe quality inspection but also through a rigorous manual selection. After the quality control of steel pipe, the paint sprayed on the number, size, production lot number and so on. And by the crane hanging into the warehouse.Hot rolled mild steel checkered plate galvanized steel plate </p>
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