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Thema: Natural wood texture, comfortable surface

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Natural wood texture, comfortable surface Gestern, 07:35 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

cedar decking prices michigan the best deals

building a wooden deck over broken concrete patio

cheap roofing shingles

PS wood (plastic wood) what are the characteristics WPC is a brand new wood-like material made of 100% macromolecule material, especially suitable for outdoor field, The company is located in: PS plastic wood is a brand new wood material made of 100% polymer material, especially suitable for outdoor field, PS wood plastic has the following characteristics:

1. Natural wood texture, comfortable surface. Special formula form solid wood texture and feel, patented technology to form natural wood colors and lines, used in outdoor environments, almost indistinguishable from natural wood; but the performance is higher than the natural wood, with superior natural wood can not be compared.

2. Insect and mildew resistance, health and environmental protection Excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-cracking, mildew, insecticidal and anti-fouling properties, not absorbent, it will not produce any insects, mildew and so on; absolutely does not contain any The ingredients or additives that affect human health, the product has passed the EU REACH and ROHS certification.

3. Super anti-aging properties. Specifically designed for outdoor use, which added some UV protection, high temperature components, with superior resistance to high temperature, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outdoor use, ten years of basic change.

4. Recyclable, no longer cause secondary pollution. 100% made of polymer materials, can be recycled completely without any additional burden on the environment.

5. Taste, comfort, environmental protection, leading the new fashion decorative materials.

6. No paint, polished, easy to maintain, easier to clean.

7. High density, high strength, not easy to deformation.

8. With nails, sawing, sticky, planing performance, can be adapted to different specifications of

hardware accessories.

9. Low-carbon environmentally friendly products, does not contain harmful chemical components. Long life. Life is 3-5 times the ordinary wood products.

A variety of colors and surface texture options. The state vigorously promote and promote green products, related policy support. PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do In pvc wall extrusion process, there are three common non-normal state: wall is not straight, wall uneven, smooth surface, etc.
Thema: mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring

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mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring 31.01.2018 09:46 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

anti deformation groove, when the pavement is overlapped from the installation method can be divided into locking and oblique strike plug lock, oblique inserting lock has the advantages of convenient installation, but the ground is uneven, the lock is easily disengaged, the lower notch is easy to break. The shape of the flat floor is a rectangular plate with smooth surface and flat six sides.

According to personal favorite splicing into square, herringbone, glyph and other patterns. Two, what are the characteristics of parquet flooring? Ordinary parquet flooring is the floor installation must rely on the mortise and tenon glue between hydrated parquet flooring.

Lock floor on the market there are two main floors and can avoid glue glue for the special lock floor, the waterproof treatment on the floor and tenon notch, the latter is not. The Clic floor installation in general do not have glue difference in installation and use,
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Thema: single lock buckle or double lock buckle is enough

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single lock buckle or double lock buckle is enough 31.01.2018 07:22 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

building a floor out of pallets

wear-resistant deck from shifting

easy to clean deck railing what is the price

speaking, single lock buckle or double lock buckle is enough, again more is completely unnecessary. For tension resistance, straight and oblique wood floor, its better. It seems that the choice of wood flooring is a door of learning, consumers should carefully distinguish clearly, must not be credulous manufacturers exaggeration propaganda. PY9174 Evaluation of Seven Trust Antique Wood plastic flooring

Seven trust antique seven trust wood plastic flooring PY9174 appearance mild, simple and generous, relatively easy to collocation furniture, this section of the floor innovation has several points, first, the floor material layer from the traditional 8mm to 11mm. Comfort and service life are relatively improved, and the bottom floor of the added light sound pad, people walking above, sound more pure, but also

increased its elasticity, as well as its unique 4-corner V-groove. It looks very three-dimensional. We all know that wood and plastic flooring is wear-resistant, anti-fouling, waterproof, and today we also proved the excellent performance of the seven real flooring with a fresh test. The color of this section of the floor is relatively light, so it is easier to match furniture, and the light color can make the small room
Thema: A Garage Floor Covering For Ugly Concrete Flooring

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A Garage Floor Covering For Ugly Concrete Flooring 25.01.2018 02:51 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

Maybe you're buying a home that needs a remodel, and the garage floors look bad. Maybe you didn't even realize that your concrete could crack at all and that if those cracks are not tended to immediately Sell The Best Ecological Flooring Distributor in the UK , they can make paint or other coatings almost impossible to apply. You might have had problems with flooding, the ground shifting, or any of a ton of other factors that can cause damage to your concrete in ways that really cannot be controlled. Regardless, sometimes you do need a garage floor covering.
Why Can't The Concrete Just Get Fixed?
Even though there are ways you can repair damaged concrete and paint over the cracks to make it not so noticeable, these methods always run the risk of returning cracks. In most cases, whatever caused the damage to the concrete, in the beginning, has a good chance of causing the problem again. As a result, the best objective is to forget about garage floor paint and purchase a covering in place of the repairs. Most anything that does not coat the surface of your original concrete and adds another layer.
If you plan to use tiles on a floor with only smallish cracks, you may not need to do anything with the cracks before you do. This is because tiles can grip the concrete all around the crack, instead. Because tile really isn't a coating and is actually a separate material altogether, they may actually help hold things together and prevent expansion of old cracks as well as new ones. Just like any other coverings, the point is to cover any defects so that, while they're still there, they're not visible. Garage floor tiles are not ideal in situations where the concrete garage floor is stained, however. If you do use tiles, in this case, the stains will end up "sweating", and dissolving the sticky stuff that holds the tiles to the ground. When this happens, the tiles will lose their grip, and the floor won't be in any better shape than it was before.
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Thema: extremely complex keel structure floor

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extremely complex keel structure floor 23.01.2018 03:40 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

the ball rebound in support of the same to the professional event requirements. Not like the plastic material that was less elastic. And all this before, only professional wood floor can do, of course, through the extremely complex keel structure, and extremely strict installation procedures to ensure. Two, structural buffer locking type connection for the design to create a space,

through the strict control module in each floor, to ensure that the 1mm clearance, to ensure the optimal traction under the premise of eliminating the impact caused by strong level of intense exercise athletes caused by lower limb injuries. Three. Self drainage through densePlastic floor is laid with a plastic material of the floor, the floor comfortable, affordable,

favored by many consumers. Here we take a look at what is the classification of plastic floor? Plastic floor according to its use: can be divided into blocks (or tiles) and coil (or floor) two. The main advantages of floor tiles: in the process of use, such as local damage, can be partially replaced, and does not affect the appearance of the entire ground.
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Thema: Wear resistance test: Unlike solid wood flooring and wood floor

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Wear resistance test: Unlike solid wood flooring and wood floor 18.01.2018 09:27 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

company green vinyl fencing prices
custom made pvc fence wall cladding uk
plasterboard composite fences
The company is located in: Wear resistance test: Unlike solid wood flooring and wood floor, laminate flooring by the Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) composition, a strong wear resistance and hardness, also known as "diamond plate." We used hard coins to move back and forth on the floor without leaving a trace. We can see the product's wear resistance is very high. The company is located in: Waterproof performance test: As we all know, the reinforced board is called

"MDF", its density is very high, and, seven true new + series of reinforced floors containing technology moisture barrier, we sprinkled water on the floor from beginning to end has been maintained in the form of agglomeration Never spread Its waterproof performance can fully meet the needs of family life. The company is located in: Antifouling performance test: The floor is a very important part of the quality of family life, if the floor clean and tidy, people living in the house

will be completely different state of mind. Therefore, a floor antifouling performance is excellent or not, will completely affect the entire family life quality. Xiao Bian made some stains on the floor with a pen, and after a few minutes, all the pen strokes were removed and wiped gently with a wet rag. After a few strokes, the brush marks were removed. Thus, we can see this section of the floor anti-fouling performance is also very good.
Thema: strengthen the wooden floor

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strengthen the wooden floor 17.01.2018 04:22 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

There is no water proof wooden floor, but there is no moisture proof floor. The five book purchase house waterproof floor, Xiaobian share finished, I hope all of you help choose waterproof floor.Waterproof floor safety and environmental protection, the waterproof performance is good, is a kind of floor is quite favored by consumers; at present on the floor of the market house innumerable,

remind you choose waterproof floor, not freeloaders into misunderstanding, so as not to lose, influence Home Furnishing decoration effect. 1, the speed reaches the national standard for household use, 6000 to strengthen the wooden floor can meet the requirements. The flow of people in the family is not large,

generally there will be no malignant damage, so the wear speed does not need to pursue the same standards as public places, but should not be the basis for raising prices. Moreover, the abrasion resistance is one of the ten physical indexes of the laminate flooring, and only one physical property of the product can be described. This physical indicators in the test of standards (such as sand paper selection and use) is not perfect,
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Thema: WPC Patio Furniture Is Your Best Choice For The All-around Durable Outdoor Furniture

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WPC Patio Furniture Is Your Best Choice For The All-around Durable Outdoor Furniture 04.01.2018 09:26 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

WPC patio furniture is a very popular choice for a lot of people. This type of patio furniture has risen in popularity for several different reasons Healthy And Comfortable WPC Floor Products . First, it has been found to be one of the best types of materials for most durable types of outdoor furniture on the market. It has the capability to withstand a number of harsh weather conditions, and can withstand a lot of basic wear and tear that is associated outdoor furniture.
The next reason that WPC patio furniture is becoming a popular decision to purchase is that it is really easy to manipulate it so that it fits into a variety of outdoor decoration themes and ideas for your deck. One of the best things about WPC patio furniture and why it is popular is that it is quite easy to maintain. Here, I will share with you some simple techniques that you can use to clean this type of structure so you can keep the beauty of it for years to come.
When cleaning WPC patio furniture, the first thing that you will want to do is to make sure you remove any and all patio furniture cushions and clean them first. The best way to clean the seat covers is to make a mixture that consists of a small amount of basic dishwashing detergent, such as Dawn, a small dab of borex with the use of a whole lot of hot water. Once you have thoroughly combined the detergents, pour them into a spray bottle and get a sponge.
All you want to do is simply spray down the cushion and scrub it with a light brush or a sponge. Things to consider is that most outdoor furniture cushions will not wash and dry well in a standard washing machine and dryer. Handwashing the cushions are your only option so as not to damage the material, then allow them to dry in the sun. This is the best way for keeping your outdoor furniture cushions intact and ensuring that they maintain their natural beauty and appeal.
The next step when it comes to cleaning WPC patio furniture, you have to get an all-purpose cleaner that does not contain any type of bleach or oil. It is also important to know and realize that WPC will scratch very easily. For this reason, it is best to use a soft sponge or a clean cloth to clean the furniture. It is very simple and all you have to do is spray the WPC with the cleanser that you have selected and then rub it down with the sponge. When you have finished this step, it's time to rinse off the furniture with a water hose. This is all it takes to clean WPC patio furniture to keep it revived and looking new.
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Thema: Install the Raiders gross floor price

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Install the Raiders gross floor price 04.01.2018 08:19 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

wool flooring, wool flooring on the keel, with a nail or screw gross floor and keel fixed, there are gaps between the 5mm gross floor; 4, laying on the floor: suspension laid. Install the Raiders gross floor, small house will share out, hope to help gross floor installation.The floor is decorated Home Furnishing indispensable material, there are on the market floor type, composite flooring,

bamboo flooring, waterproof floor and so on; then, what is the floor waterproof waterproof floor? What are the characteristics? The following Xiaobian together from below to find the answer! What is a waterproof waterproof floor? The floor, as the name suggests, is a strong water-proof floor,

is a relative concept meaning, focus on the characteristics of the floor is outstanding, not afraid of water. The floor. The wood floor will bulge deformation in the long time the global water, strictly speaking, water is the floor of the enemy, but if you add technology content in the wood floor,
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