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Thema: big core board with wood composite decking

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big core board with wood composite decking 22.08.2017 08:55 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

loss: the loss of floor according to the room size, shape, there is no special (such as platform, partition and so on) and so on, in general, the loss of the room Founder, big and small, generally less than 5%, generally 3---5%, the loss of individual shaped structure may be more than 5%. Two. Prepare 1 before installation. The ground should be clean, dry, stable and level before installation. Make up the irregularity before installation. 2, if the keel on the concrete floor with big core board with wood screws to the wooden keel core board fixed smooth solid,

and the telescopic gap reserved for the 8mm between the board and the board (door and stem mouth don't leave joints) and finally achieve the smooth clean and dry without noise can be. 3, in order to achieve better results, the floor can be paved with most of the light parallel to the window. Connect 4, door and door with wooden floor below: doors and door reserved wood floor thickness,

the door below 14mm is reserved, following reserved l2mm door. Connect the 5 door and stone walls and steel doors: according to the relevant provisions of the composite wood floor in the construction process of the wood floor around the reserved 8mm telescopic gap, the need to install special buckle with marble and steel door, are connected with the wall, need to install the baseboard can. three; installation construction requirements 1; the floor should be reserved around 8-12 mm expansion joints.
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Thema: den mekaniske metoden

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den mekaniske metoden 18.08.2017 03:56 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

De aluminiumskledde vinduene er basert på massivt tre, med aluminiumslegeringsprofiler og tre gjennom den mekaniske metoden for å koble profilen, gjennom den spesielle vinkelen til sammensetningen av det nye vinduet. Denne typen dører og vinduer har en dobbel dekorativ effekt, fra interiøret er det varme og elegante trevinduer, fra utsiden for å se, men det er edelt og luksuriøst aluminiumsvindu.vekst av tre plastkompositt produkt
Dette vil ikke bare møte bygningen i og utenfor dørene og vinduene til de forskjellige materialkravene, for å beholde egenskapene og funksjonene til rene tredører og vinduer, den ytre aluminiumslegeringen har spilt en beskyttende rolle og lett vedlikehold, kan være I det ytre laget av en rekke fargespraying, Den generelle skjønnheten i bygningen.moderne hus planer med takterrasse Aluminiums dører og vinduer Hvorfor de energisparende aluminiumsdørene og vinduene som er valgt, vokser nær Arktisregionen i den nordlige furuskogens nordlige furu og nordøst-asien, og gjennomgår en streng screening og anti-korrosjon, defatting, flammehemmende og Annen behandling, og Tyskland Høy styrke lim, slik at styrken av tre, korrosjonsbestandighet, værbestandighet og andre aspekter er beskyttet, kan være holdbar.tre kompositter produsenter agent
Dette vinduet har vedtatt en dobbeltseglestruktur, bruk av avansert bilforseglingstape som brukes i dører og vinduer, slik at isolasjons-, isolasjonseffekten er spesielt fremtredende. Aluminium tre dører og vinduer er den største funksjonen av isolasjon, energibesparende, antisand. Det er i tillegg til massivt tre og et lag av aluminiumslegering, slik at dører og vinduer av de tettere forseglet, effektivt kan blokkere invasjonen av sand.plast stein fliser over betong veranda
Thema: much greater than before composite decking

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much greater than before composite decking 16.08.2017 03:16 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

A good stability to heat the floor of the complex environment, especially in the northern region, non heating season ground subjected to a variety of moisture, and the heating surface temperature will rise suddenly, the floor will bear the "temperature" and "humidity" double change. Therefore, the geothermal floor must buy materials, good stability. Teak is the best recognized timber in the world.

It is recognized as the best solid wood geothermal floor both inside and outside of the industry, but it has a higher price. Two, environmental protection is good, with the current family, the elderly and children more and more, the objective environment differences, people's attention to health and environmental protection is much greater than before. Therefore, consumers in the choice of solid wood geothermal floor, will pay more attention to environmental issues.

In general, the strengthening of solid wood composite flooring, these are used glue, glue is composed of formaldehyde and benzene. Composite floor has formaldehyde volatilization, and now a lot of diseases are formaldehyde and benzene volatile cause trouble. Composite flooring environmental protection to do better, it is difficult to withstand repeated baking geothermal. Especially for a long time in the state of high temperature, high temperature will accelerate the emission of harmful gases,
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Thema: laying plywood composite decking

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laying plywood composite decking 08.08.2017 04:21 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

anti radiation, keep warm surface temperature under the same foam pad with aluminum film thermal resistance, and ordinary foam pad small heat resistance. Obviously, the ordinary foam pad has better heat transfer effect than the foam pad with aluminum film, which is more conductive to the floor from the floor to the living room. Therefore, the user should choose ordinary foam mat or thermal resistance, moisture resistance, good rot resistant material cushion to pave the floor when buying and heating the floor.

Six, "underneath the floor with plywood or Blockboard?" first, geothermal heating floor laying plywood or small wood, is not conducive to heat conduction, the heat conduction process in virtually increase and loss, increase the heating cost of geothermal heating system. Secondly, if the board quality choose not to pass, can cause indoor formaldehyde content exceed the standard,

or because of its moisture content is not standard, after the laying of water caused by floor absorption, floor tile, arching phenomenon, coupled with the base plate more harm than good, really is self defeating, superfluous. More floor matting is not allowed. Seven, "can I shop?" because of the special structure of geothermal heating system, when paving the floor, the cement floor can not be nailed. Therefore, for a long time, most of the geothermal floor pavement can only be identified by suspension shop. In fact, with the continuous progress of science and technology,
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Thema: not laying solid wood composite decking

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not laying solid wood composite decking 27.07.2017 05:00 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

solid wood flooring can not be paved in the ground, the floor can only be paved with multi-storey floors, that is, Jingwei composite floor. With the people's awareness of environmental protection strengthened. Many owners in the pursuit of warm comfort brought about by the same time, but also to improve the health of the home environment requirements. Strong market has also promoted the flooring industry's new technology research and development, in 2008, Shanghai van Xiang Wood Co., Ltd.

(Vinda Er floor) launched a special floor dedicated carbonized solid wood flooring. A major breakthrough in this technology has also solved the problem of not laying solid wood floors on the ground. Then a new term was born: "carbonized solid wood flooring."". Really no benzene, formaldehyde free, free of all harmful substances all zero environmental protection products. Carbonized wood floors are treated by high temperature carbonization of wood at about 200 degrees.

As a result of high temperature damage to nutrients in the wood, it has better anti-corrosion, pest control function. High temperatures allow wood to absorb water and function to restructure tissue, so its physical properties are more stable. The carbonization process involves only water vapor and temperature, without any chemicals and other foreign substances, and has no side effects on the human body and the living environment of animals. But the carbide on the floor of the blank is extremely demanding,
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Thema: skin thicker the better composite decking

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skin thicker the better composite decking 20.07.2017 11:47 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

good heat dissipation, is one of the floor dedicated to home heating. Currently on the market floor heating quality uneven in quality, tens of thousands of, many consumers believe that the skin thicker the better floor is the floor, in fact, small deliberately arranged three mistakes to buy warm floor, here to share with you, need to buy floor to warm friends, choose to warm floor to be cautious! A misunderstanding: the dough some consumers in the purchase process, the better thickness to warm the floor in the blind pursuit of multilayer parquet was as thick as possible,

the wide floor floor better, as long as possible. In fact, multi-layer parquet face more thick, more obvious characteristics of solid wood flooring. In the process of environmental change in the floor in the dry shrinkage and wet expansion when the dough stress is bigger, the floor deformation and cracking of the dough increase opportunities. The multilayer parquet is wide, dry shrink the greater the gap.

Similarly, the multi-layer solid wood composite floor length and width direction of expansion and contraction, multi-layer parquet is long, dry shrink floor gap end produced greater. Therefore, the multi-layer composite floor geothermal face should not be too thick for South Korea and Japan for the 0.3mm geothermal floor face, most of our enterprises for the production of 0.6mm standard, the surface layer of life production were 0.6mm, is very suitable for one type of heating floor,
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Thema: thermoplastic engineering plastics

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thermoplastic engineering plastics 19.07.2017 11:17 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

thermoplastic engineering plastics. Mainly include polyoxymethylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS, polyphenylene oxide, polyethylene terephthalate, polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide and so on.wpc decking suppliers uae
Polytetrafluoroethylene. Modified polypropylene, etc. are also included in this range. thermoplastic cellulose plastic. Mainly include cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate butyrate, celluloid, cellophane and so on. Classification according to the processing methodexterior beadboard lumber sale Malta
According to various plastic molding methods, can be divided into membrane pressure, laminated, injection, extrusion, blow molding, casting plastic and reactive injection of plastic and other types. Membrane plastic is a kind of plastic fabric impregnated with resin, laminated, hot and combined into a whole material; injection, extrusion and blowing Plastic for the physical properties and processing performance estimating wood fence materials Hedmark
similar to the general plastic plastic; casting plastic is in the case of no pressure or a little pressure, pouring into the mold can be hardened into a certain shape of the liquid resin mixture, such as MC Nylon, etc .; reaction injection of plastic is a liquid raw materials, pressure into the membrane cavity, so that the reaction and curing into a certain shape of the plastic products, such as polyurethane.Pressure Treated Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Qatar
Thema: PVC floor daily maintenance

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PVC floor daily maintenance 18.07.2017 11:20 Forum: Diskussionen rund um Wasserpfeifen

Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring, also known as PVC sports plastic floor flooring. The main ingredient for the PVC material, PVC flooring can be made of two, one is homogeneous through the heart, that is, from the bottom to the surface of the pattern material is the same. There is also a compound type, that is, the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, the following plus the printing layer and foam layer. Although the processing of high-quality plastic Best Floor Build , but still pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

In the handling of furniture and equipment, in the transport route need to add buffer cushion, not directly on the floor drag. To prevent scratches on the ground, do not wear shoes with nails on the ground, if conditions permit, put on soft shoes as much as possible. Furniture and equipment between the foot and the floor placed cushion. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size. Always pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, fall on the floor , to avoid damage to the floor. best patio floor options

Plastic floor cleaning, should use a soft neutral detergent, warm water wipe, can not use strong acid or alkali cleaning the floor. Use organic solvents to handle the floor, be careful. Adhesive chewing gum on the floor dirt, plastic bags can be wrapped in water, frozen in the refrigerator ice, and then the ice on the chewing gum, so that cooling hardened, and then carefully scrape off. wood plastic composite resin

In order to reduce the wear on the surface of the plastic floor, to extend the life of the floor, to keep the ground clean and beautiful, need to conduct a thorough cleaning, waxing, maintenance. Generally 1 - 2 months once. Plastic floor, can not directly contact the heat source, not on the floor placed above 60  high temperature items, such as electric kettle and so on. Free to discard the cigarette butts, if not completely extinguished, will leave traces of burns on the floor.Plastic flooring sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., to timely treatment, daily cleaning available detergent powder, soapy water, remove stains. Encountered more difficult to remove the stains, do not use 100 Jie silk polished, need to find professionals in a timely manner to remove pollution.pictures of above ground pools with decks around it
Thema: compared with ordinary composite decking

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compared with ordinary composite decking 14.07.2017 04:32 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

excellent material, exquisite workmanship of the elm furniture is worth collecting. 2, willow wood dining table and chair saying "North South elm beech, the beech and what are the characteristics? Is the unique Jiangnan beech wood, wood texture clear, uniform texture, color and soft, smooth. Heavier and harder than most ordinary hardwoods. The red yellow beech and beech beech compared with ordinary beech,

more reddish color, beautiful and luxurious, texture hard, loved by the people of the world, is the main material of high-end luxury furniture market. 3, rubber wood, solid wood table, chair, rubber wood table, chair, wood grain is not very obvious, the texture is relatively hard, the color is not very pure, so the price in the solid wood table, will be slightly lower. Two, solid wood table maintenance 1,

avoid direct sunlight, almost all furniture is afraid of sun exposure, solid wood table chair is even more so. Solid wood table chair, afraid of drying, afraid of dry, afraid of tide, so the first step to do the maintenance work is not to table, chairs placed in the sun can illuminate the place and doors and windows and other ventilation. 2, daily cleaning in daily life, we should pay attention to wipe the table with a soft cotton cloth,
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Thema: delivery of the floor

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delivery of the floor 11.07.2017 04:07 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

In addition, as in the summer and autumn construction ECO Waterproof Fence , the above method is also feasible.This case by Taiyuan Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau Sun Jian provided Zhi jian ju complaint telephone: 4295247. On the programme on the Shanghai People's Radio 990 on Monday (13th),For the first time, Miss Xu reflected in the live broadcast at the Bai an ju Yangpu store to buy the Feng floor, and finally sold out by Q & A.
Caused Ms. Xu to temporarily replace other floor, causing delay.In 14th, 15th and 16th, the 990-day audience followed the incident on Friday (17th) afternoon.We received a fax from the B & Q Yangpu Store: "customer Complaints Mediation Agreement": party A: miss Xu, Party B: the Yangpu Store.
On June 16th 2005, in view of the fact that the purchasing power of the two parties in May 31st 2005, the purchasing power of the floor, the demand for the delivery of the floor,The factory has sued the goods in dispute, and the two parties are agreed by consensus.
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Thema: surface of the board composite decking

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surface of the board composite decking 06.07.2017 04:24 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

finally the majority of solid wood furniture assembly use the tenon structure and adhesive products, can not be demolished, handling should pay special attention to. 2, because each puzzle board of different texture, soft hardness is different, even through the fixed thickness sanding machine, it is impossible to make the thickness of each strip consistent, resulting in the surface of the board of each lath uneven. After painting, the unevenness of each lath is more obvious.

3, if the transverse spell quality is poor, but also the brain spell a significant cross stitching. If the transverse strength is not enough, it is easy to crack at the joint. So, general wood wide splicing board manufacturing furniture, furniture paint in the backlight oblique view surface, can be seen between the strip and lath of glue level phenomenon. The material is exquisite and the process is scientific. This phenomenon will be smaller, but it can not be avoided fundamentally.

The advantages and disadvantages of knowledge wooden table, playing small share has finished, I hope this article to share the small wooden table to help you understand that if you want to know more wooden table knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Solid wood tea table refers to the use of natural wood made of tea table, green, durable,
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Thema: floor to the merchants

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floor to the merchants 06.07.2017 04:06 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

The second is that the business is either not delivered wpc decking sellers , or the price of more expensive other varieties.For example, the consumer, Mr Fan, reflected to the cancellation that he ordered a batch of ant floors to a wood industry company at the end of last year .
In May this year, when Mr. Fan went to fetch the goods, the company told him that because of the impact of the price of the floor material,Now that the floor of this kind of floor has already been lost , the new goods may have to wait a few months to send, now only provide other specifications of the floor,But the price per square meter is more than $several ten more than he had ordered.
Some consumers are used to booking the floor to the merchants in advance of the decoration, and then notify the other side of the delivery when necessary.However, due to the price rise , the solid wood floor is always in short supply, so consumers often appear or have no goods when they take their goods.
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Thema: flooring features

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flooring features 05.07.2017 04:38 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

Solid wood flooring is mainly processed with solid wood, which itself belongs to the natural wood, after drying, after processing the formation of the ground decoration Wall Panel Importer . It presents a natural wood texture and color patterns, giving a natural, soft, rich affinity texture, and because it has the function of regulating the temperature, Dongnuanxialiang, feel good characteristics make it into the bedroom, living room resistance moisture wall panels auckland , study, etc. Ideal for floor decoration materials.
Solid wood flooring for the weather often there will be some problems, more common is the emergence of mold, loss of moisture, resin and lead to deformation and so on. First of all pvc composite indoor wall panel projects , we have some awareness of prevention, on the mold, the cause of mold, generally because the floor is too wet, then we have to prepare some moisture-proof products. Lack of moisture and resin, will cause the floor dry cracked, and some serious will crack a large gap, so we have to prepare some of the spices in advance, and found it dry at any time to keep it in a moisturizing state german product fir walls cladding materials , so that you can The. Essential for the floor of the small cracks will also play a role, if the floor cracks, the timely use of some wax or spicy can be, it can not only repair, but also for your floor light play a significant role.
The observation: With the popularity of solid wood flooring market, people need it is also growing, we should do a good job understanding of solid wood flooring work, so that will help your decoration to buy easy install panel with individual needs . For the selection of solid wood flooring home public, must have a good maintenance awareness, a good way to maintain your home will be a good permanent, to enhance the maintenance awareness is essential.
Thema: attention to house decoration composite decking

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attention to house decoration composite decking 29.06.2017 04:42 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

there are a variety of surface color can be selected, and the ceramic surface layer not containing radioactive elements, widely used in all kinds of high-grade room, such as bank room, telecommunications room, high-end computer room monitoring, microelectronic workshop, can also be used for high-grade intelligent office building etc.. All steel anti-static floor to buy four note,

small temporary house is here to share, I hope for your purchase of all steel anti-static floor for more help, all steel anti-static floor, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. As we all know, composite anti-static floor is an anti-static floor, mainly for the room and other ground decoration. Then, how to maintain the composite anti-static floor? Let's take a look at the use of composite anti-static floor environment and maintenance methods.

A composite control, anti-static floor environment laying anti-static floor room temperature control at 15 DEG -35 DEG humidity in 45%-75%; if the room is in low humidity conditions, the floor surface will cause cracks, should be appropriate to increase the veneer thickness and strength. Two, compound anti-static floor maintenance method 1, prohibit the use of sharp appliances, directly on the floor surface construction operation, destroy the surface anti-static performance and beauty degree.
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Thema: floor surface paint

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floor surface paint 29.06.2017 04:08 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

It is suggested that more plants should be put on the green plants ECO Waterproof Fence , to use photosynthesis to remove the smell, or put a few lemons and oranges in the house, and remove the smell quickly. According to a comprehensive survey,Building and decoration materials tile and hardwood , furniture decoration, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Office equipment and household electrical appliances are the most important "invisible killer"in the indoor air quality-the world environment day interpretation of indoor pollution in June 5th. what would be the cost of a 400 square foot desk It is the 33 World Environment Day.
Through the unremitting efforts of these several ten years, our country has made great achievements in afforestation, pollution control, water treatment, and dust prevention.But in recent years 1 x 6 deck skirting , with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, various kinds of modern appliances and office equipment, new building decoration materials use.
Thema: anti-static ceramic metal composite decking

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anti-static ceramic metal composite decking 28.06.2017 04:38 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

PVC veneer is easy to aging, paved floor is not easy to clean, easy to aging, the fire performance too; compared with the previous two, anti-static ceramic tile surface layer made of the best, not only good fireproof performance, and easy to clean, high abrasion resistance, anti aging. Because of its good practical performance, it is becoming more and more popular in china. What is anti-static floor,

I believe that through the introduction, we have some understanding of anti-static floor, anti-static floor anti-static effect is very good, is the first choice of the computer room floor. The classification of anti-static floor, small temporary is here to share, I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of the activities of anti-static flooring, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.

The composite anti-static flooring anti-static ceramic metal composite floor is a flooring anti-static effect is very good, a lot of friends may first heard of composite anti-static flooring, we work together to see what is the composite anti-static flooring and composite anti-static flooring? What advantages and disadvantages? What is a composite anti-static the floor? The composite anti-static flooring anti-static ceramic metal composite floor with anti-static ceramic tile as surface layer,
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Thema: will be able to dry composite decking

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will be able to dry composite decking 26.06.2017 04:24 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

The first: dry cloth dry moisture, if the floor was sprinkled with a small amount of water, and the length of stay is not long, you only need to use dry cloth to dry the floor water can be. Because water is little, and time is short, moisture won't permeate inside floor, the influence to the floor is little, need not be too nervous. Second strokes: dry water separate air conditioning if wood floor was not very serious flooding in the application of dry cloth fast water floor surface dry,

use a vacuum cleaner from the stitching of floor space of water vapor sucked. If the water area is not large, hair dryer can be used to air gap if the file will be dry, flooding large area, after the floor surface to drain the water, the doors and windows tightly, put the air conditioning to the minimum temperature, air conditioning refrigeration time, usually one day will be able to dry the floor. The third measure: it is easy to deal with water after bleaching mildew damp floor if not handled in a timely manner, mildew, dragging a long time will be a large area of moldy.

If it is found that the floor has a small amount of mildew, can use warm water and bleach water mixed by 1:3, wet cloth to wipe the floor, until remove mildew. The concentration of bleaching water should not be too high, otherwise it will destroy the floor wax. If the floor has been moldy, it is necessary to remove the moldy floor, replaced with a new floor, so as not to infect other good floors. The above content is play for how to do introduce the damp floor, save the damp floor three strokes.
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Thema: floor was awarded

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floor was awarded 22.06.2017 04:21 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

"become the main force in China's timber industry."Ji xiang memorabilia 4 x 8 plastic equipment floor boards : 1993 International Ji xiang planted forests Products Group formally operates the Chinese mainland cooperation project wood plastic composite walls panel .In 1994, we cooperated with 760000 farmers in the mainland to build 550000 mu of planted forests base.
The August 1995 Leshan Ji xiang planted forests Products Co., Ltd was established.In September 1995, Ji xiang Wood and a syndicate of six major international banks, led by the international financial company color acrylic for pergola covers , have signed a $30000000 financing project.1996 Hubei Ji xiang planted forests Products Co., Ltd was established.
In August 1998, Ji xiang Wood received a $38000000 new project financing loan for syndicate consortium.December 2000 Ji xiang wood industry first batch received the international management system ISO14001 certification clean laminate flooring of threshold .In January 2003, the first batch of Ji xiang floor was awarded the certification of Chinese quality supervision products.
Thema: understanding of the movement composite floor

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understanding of the movement composite floor 21.06.2017 03:11 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

PVC plastic sports flooring on the ink stained, greasy food, should wipe the dirt, and then use diluted cleaner to clean the residual traces of black leather shoes can be used when printing is difficult to remove the veil with pine fragrance scrub, scrub to fill wax curing. 7, avoid direct illumination, prevent the floor by sunlight, resulting in discoloration, discoloration.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have some understanding of the movement of the floor! The floor exercise is a very good floor, can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, commonly used in various sports venues, such as badminton courts, basketball courts, table tennis etc.. Sports flooring suitable places and maintenance skills, small temporary is here to share,

I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of sports flooring, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. Sports floor is a common ground decoration materials, with a wide range of applications, stability, good performance, wear-resistant, easy to maintain and so on. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce the installation of sports flooring strategy, to help you do a good job installing the floor of sports.
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Thema: after the first complete drying composite floor

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after the first complete drying composite floor 16.06.2017 03:53 Forum: Probleme & Feedback

waxing and polishing of the ground, bright and clean, sensory effects are particularly good. Please don't walk on the floor before drying the floor wax. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hours. If there is leakage, should be painted. Such as two waxing, second times, and after the first complete drying. Every 6 months or so a wax, long-term maintenance of the floor beautiful. The above is about the floor waxing and polishing the floor, hope that we can help, if you want to understand more relevant knowledge to wax the floor,

please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. A ground coating for floor coatings in buildings. Floor paint has the advantages of low cost, light weight, convenient maintenance and renewal. It has been favored by many consumers. There are many kinds of floor paint, and the following small ones introduce what kind of floor paint has. 1, ordinary floor paint has been widely used polyurethane floor paint,

paint bright and plump, wear-resistant, water, oil and alkali resistance, as well as suitable for assembly line production of UV curing coating. 2  cement ground paint is used for coating cement ground and improving the function of cement floor coating. Cheap goods have a vinyl or styrene tar cement floor paint and cement floor paint of polyvinyl butyral. 3, seamless floor paint made of synthetic resin,
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