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Thema: Environmental monitoring vendors benefit most

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Environmental monitoring vendors benefit most Heute, 11:26 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Environmental monitoring vendors benefit most

The industrial boiler pollution involved in the monitoring of pollution sources, dust, desulfurization and new energy-saving environmental protection boiler 4 areas were sorted out, the most benefit for the monitoring plate:

(1) the industrial boiler pollution sources to monitor the new market exceeded 20 billion yuan, the next three years the industry compound annual growth rate of not less than 50, and monitoring the market competition is stable, leading enterprises the most flexible; Vacuum Furnaces

(2) desulfurization due to industrial boilers pay more attention to the best economic, power desulfurization enterprises into the field of industrial boilers can maintain the existing competitive landscape there is a certain uncertainty; custom vacuum furnace

(3) Dust removal and new energy-saving and environmental protection boiler field respectively New market space 96 billion yuan and nearly 200 billion yuan, equivalent to 5-10 times the size of their existing market, industry flexibility, but the threshold is low, the concentration is not high.Vacuum Furnace
Thema: Industrial boilers

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Industrial boilers Heute, 06:18 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Over the past ten years, China has focused on the sewage treatment of power plants, but from the actual situation to see the national air quality "bad contrast", one of the important reasons is that China's 60 million units of the various types of boilers in the vast majority of inefficient Industrial coal-fired boilers, industrial coal-fired boilers, a serious shortage of environmental protection facilities, the overall level of low pollution control, and industrial boilers for heating and other needs, and more close to the city and residential areas, combined with low emissions, is not conducive to the timely spread of pollutants , The actual city has become the main haze, governance haze must be the root of this, the industrial coal-fired boiler governance is imperative.Excellent Vacuum Brazing Insulation Pot Furnace High Temperature
Government environmental management ideas change, policy into a catalyst. More than ten years of the total amount of emission reduction for the purpose of the power plant management, has made our power plant pollution control to achieve even more than the world's advanced level, the next step, for air quality continues to deteriorate the situation, the focus of atmospheric governance will be diverted to comprehensive management of pollutants For the purpose of industrial boiler management, industrial boiler treatment industry inflection point has been:
(1) the transformation of government environmental management ideas, governance haze ineffective has forced the government's atmospheric environmental management ideas from narrow emission reduction to overall co-ordination, comprehensive management of pollutants.Cinco Zonas de Vacío Tubo de Alta Vacío Estación
(2) for the industrial boiler remediation policy frequently, in which the boiler emission standards to revise, the relevant emission limits are significantly reduced, the standard has been set, governance has become inevitable.
VOD type Vacuum oxygen decarburization furnace to stainless steel smelting
Thema: Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to take wait and see attitude

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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to take wait and see attitude Gestern, 10:13 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

And then look at the stainless steel seamless pipe, the price all the way down until the early 2016 reached a record low, after the price began to shock upstream, until September this year, the high point, after the price of stainless steel fell slightly, it seems there are up Price space, you can also said in front of the profits of manufacturers now,Supply Stainless Steel Sheet After the "11" after the precipitation, the inventory will be increased, unless the terminal to force, otherwise the price of stainless steel tube may fall a lot, during the holiday season, manufacturers increased by about 10,000 tons of inventory. And "11" during the stainless steel pipe rose more than 100 yuan, but the price of stainless steel seamless pipe compared to September 30 also fell 100 yuan / ton. It can be seen, business "powerless", the market had to "come and go".Hot Quality Stainless Steel Coil Through the stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel seamless "historical" analysis can be seen: the current price is not the highest point, the price and inventory should be inversely proportional to the increase in inventory, the probability of price increases how much?304 Stainless Steel Coil ASTM Standards Exceptionally, after all, very low probability, if you want to ship more, or to take advantage of the opportunity, Fortunately, "11" during the increase in inventory growth is not the extent of serious excess. Most businesses on the stainless steel tube market still take a cautious wait and see attitude.
Thema: 2018 stainless steel tube manufacturers to explore the market

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2018 stainless steel tube manufacturers to explore the market 16.10.2017 08:40 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

2018 stainless steel tube manufacturers to explore the market2017 is the national "thirteen five" plan "ready to go" year, is the "supply side reform" implementation of the two years the commodity market has begun to bear fruit, nickel and stainless steel market turning point. With the ferrous metals and nonferrous metals industry by the policy side of the positive impact of nickel market once again show the "Yao Qi" side, and Indonesia, the Philippines nickel shortage shortage to become the main bottleneck restricting the increase in domestic nickel and iron production.Supply Stainless Steel Sheet At the same time 2017 is the stainless steel industry closed up a year, following the market in 2016 after the warmer, the stainless steel market bullish atmosphere. Although the price has dropped from the beginning of the year, but the stainless steel prices rose 20% over last year, the Philippines on the domestic open-pit mining restrictions and the domestic strike steel, strict requirements for environmental protection measures such as the achievements of the 2017 nickel and stainless steel market.Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier Price 2018, the supply side of the reform will continue, environmental protection policy will be more stringent, the domestic nickel industry will be what kind of impact? In the past two years, domestic electrolytic nickel enterprises spontaneously cut production, stop production to cope with the continuous decline in the late there are several companies can survive? Large enterprises overseas construction of the road will be what kind of change? For the future stainless steel market, we will continue to pay attention to the Philippines and Indonesia on the nickel mine will launch what kind of policy? Concerned about the domestic stainless steel market supply and demand structure will happen how to change? Concerned about the rise behind the stainless steel is the surface of the message or the demand side of the support?factory price stainlesss steel sheet These problems are 2017 nickel and stainless steel prices after the shocks left behind, will affect the future trend. For the 2018 stainless steel market, we believe that the supply side of the reform, the market order is more standardized, competition from the price competition to the quality of competition, large enterprises will gradually extend the industrial chain, increase the competitive advantage. At the same time with the infrastructure projects carried out, 2018 stainless steel market or continue to stabilize the trend.0Cr18Ni9 304 Polishing Stainless Steel Plate 310s
Thema: September stainless steel seamless tube manufacturer

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September stainless steel seamless tube manufacturer 16.10.2017 07:33 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Heating season for the stainless steel seamless tube to bring up the sky will bring a wave of skyrocketing? According to the analysis, although this year's heating season stainless steel seamless pipe supply will be less than the same period last year, but due to the market ahead of the reaction, the price is expected to be consumed in advance, coupled with the downstream demand for heating season unchanged or less than the same period last year, it can be judged, stainless steel Seamless tube market showed a tight balance pattern, stainless steel seamless pipe prices difficult to rise sharply.Supply Stainless Steel Sheet However, from the macro data, this year the real estate, infrastructure, automotive and other stainless steel seamless demand for larger industries are no major improvement. Coupled with the building materials industry peak production efforts to increase the demand for heating stainless steel seamless pipe or will decline.2 inch 202 stainless steel pipe weight In addition, the stainless steel seamless pipe inventories continued to increase in September, the expected level of the heating season will be higher than the same period last year, which also to some extent make up for the supply gap brought about by production. Nearly 2 months stainless steel seamless pipe prices generally rose, do not rule out the price expected to have been the possibility of consumption in advance.Low Price Electro Galvanized Iron Wire BWG20 From Direct Factory In addition, the steel mills to ensure the benefits of heating season, but also in advance to take some measures to ensure supply. Therefore, although the price of stainless steel seamless pipe is still hope to rise, but the rate will not be too much.Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier Price
Thema: Energy Saving of Industrial Boilers

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Energy Saving of Industrial Boilers 16.10.2017 04:55 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Industrial boiler energy-saving transformation can be made from two aspects: First, technological transformation. The future will eliminate some of the low efficiency, serious environmental pollution of the old coal-fired boilers, according to local conditions to the existing coal-fired boiler for technological transformation. In natural gas and other resource-rich areas of coal to gas, in the gas-poor areas, the use of solar collectors instead of small coal-fired boilers and other measures. Second, the use of clean combustion technology. Using Clean Coal to Replace Raw Coal to Improve Coal Quality.@>3@0<<8@C5<K9 20:CC<=>9 ?5G8
Domestic industrial boilers in the energy-saving transformation of many mature technology. Pulverized coal combustion is an advanced coal-fired technology, with burning speed, high burning rate, low heat loss of flue gas advantages, can be widely used in industrial boilers. Pulverized coal particles are homogeneous and suspended in the air. Compared with the stratified combustion, the combustion air ratio is low, the burning rate is higher and the heat loss of the flue gas is small. The pulverized coal industrial boiler adopts the whole air- Ash discharge technology, good insulation properties, greatly reducing the hot air and flue gas leakage caused by heat loss, is conducive to improving the boiler thermal efficiency.1600c heat treatmeat vacío tubo horno vacío atmósfera tubo horno
It is understood that the future of industrial boilers to the fuel gas boiler, coal slurry boiler, biomass fuel boilers and other direction. However, for a long period of time in the future, the coal-fired industrial boilers will continue to be the leading products in China. With the changing energy supply structure and the increasingly stringent energy saving and environmental protection requirements, the use of clean fuel and clean combustion technology is efficient, energy saving and low pollution Industrial boilers will be the product development trend. China should continue to vigorously develop industrial boilers efficient combustion and flue gas dust, desulfurization integration technology, while the development of thermal coal quality technology and large-scale coal washing technology to improve the quality of thermal coal, the whole process to solve the boiler burning and pollution problems.
Industrial boiler energy-saving technology, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, the boiler can make the thermal efficiency of 70-80, can save 10-15. The basic principle is to high-tech materials technology, combustion technology and boiler integrated technology organically together through A series of physical and chemical changes, so that combustion of coal to achieve enhanced combustion, full combustion, complete combustion of a new combustion. This technology has been recognized by the state and the user.1450 degree Celsius vacuum sintering furnace for MIM
Thema: Technical flooding to speed up the quality

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Technical flooding to speed up the quality 13.10.2017 08:45 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Gas boiler compared to coal-fired boiler heating efficiency can be greatly improved, in the coal-fired boiler thermal efficiency of 60-85 on the basis of increased to 90 or more, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced by 60,99.5.
Although the gas boiler in the continuous promotion, but in the country is still dominated by coal-fired boilers. Many areas do not like Beijing in the implementation of strict pressure coal project, based on economic considerations, the short term it is difficult for enterprises to dismantle the existing coal-fired boiler to achieve gas boiler replacement, most companies have chosen the original coal-fired boiler Transformation for the gas boiler upgrade route. Beijing Thermal Power Group, told reporters.High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace In Motor Industries
Reporters learned from a number of boiler plant technology department, the coal-fired boiler into a gas boiler is a fundamental change in the boiler combustion, boiler operating conditions, boiler room management, etc. are also changed, due to natural gas, coal Gas, coke oven gas is flammable, explosive toxic gases, if improper handling will occur boiler furnace explosion, gas spill may also cause a fire.
It is understood that the domestic power plant conditions, coal quality and other differences, the boiler coal gas reform both to accept the transformation of technology and equipment to provide practical technical solutions, but also for the long-term safe use of equipment to provide solutions to strengthen the technology Change quality is the key.
January 2012 formally implemented the new version of "thermal power plant air pollutant discharge standards" on the nitrogen oxides to develop a strict emission standards, requiring the July 1 this year, the basic completion of the existing old unit flue gas denitrification device transformation, And during the Eleventh Five-Year period has been installed flue gas denitrification device capacity transformation.
From the July 1 denitrification standard only less than half a year, denitrification transformation should be more than grams of tight construction, the task of heavy situation, a reasonable determination of the process line, especially for air preheater and induced fan transformation to be combined with coal-fired power plant furnace Other environmental protection facilities overall operation, improve the efficiency and efficiency of technological transformation. China Environmental Protection Industry Association related to the proposed.Oil Free Dry Screw Vacuum Pump With Factory Price
ESP and bag dust is the current mainstream dust removal technology, China's existing dust removal technology is basically the national smoke emission standards of technical requirements. Due to the implementation of technological transformation of dust removal facilities need to stop the plant, how efficient shelf life is an important issue. Different power plant units of different conditions, there is no unified model of the transformation program, technical transformation of the degree of complexity is no doubt, so in the program to determine, equipment manufacturing, site construction, commissioning to local conditions, tailor-made. The Central China Association said.
By the atmosphere control opportunities, energy and equipment related industries to increase the progress of technological progress, speed up technological innovation, not only conducive to environmental improvement, but also to promote the upgrading of the industry itself, market opportunities and technical challenges coexist. The person added.Hot Selling Heat Treatment Furnace For Normalized
Thema: Boilers, environmental protection equipment

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Boilers, environmental protection equipment 13.10.2017 07:01 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

In the State Energy Board recently carried out 12 key special supervision work, the power enterprise air pollution control special supervision is one of them. The focus of the special supervision include: 30 million kilowatts below the coal-fired units, enterprise-owned power plant desulfurization and denitrification dust removal facilities and put into operation; adjust the cogeneration unit to heat the operation of the situation; coal to gas, new natural gas Production project gas source implementation and so on. Vacuum Furnaces
Adjust the fuel structure, the use of high-quality dust collector, the implementation of efficient energy-saving boiler system transformation is the Ministry of Industry "upgrade plan" put forward specific measures, and the National Energy Board 300,000 kilowatts below coal-fired units, enterprise-owned power plant desulfurization and denitrification dust removal facilities and put into operation Focus on monitoring actions complement each other. High coal consumption thermal power units as early as 2007 was subject to policy restrictions, in the "industrial structure adjustment guide directory (2007)" (draft), 300,000 kilowatts and below the conventional coal-fired units for the first time included in the restricted development industry Vacuum Furnace
Analysts believe that 300,000 kilowatts below the coal-fired unit 1 kWh of energy consumption to be higher than 50.6 grams, and air pollutant emissions, with China's thermal power units continue to upgrade, coupled with the severe situation of haze, 30 million kilowatts below coal-fired units Fuel structure transformation is the trend, but also indicates that the gas boiler will usher in a huge market demand.
According to the national environmental policy requirements, all coal-fired power plants, oil refining enterprises to install desulphurization facilities, 20 tons per ton of coal-fired boilers to implement desulfurization, in addition to circulating fluidized bed boilers outside the coal-fired units are Should be installed denitrification facilities, and coal-fired boilers and industrial furnaces existing dust removal facilities should also be implemented to upgrade. Based on the current power plant desulfurization basically completed, the task of reducing emissions in the field of denitrification dust, denitrification dust removal equipment technical transformation task is also very serious.
custom vacuum furnace
Thema: Boiler industry

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Boiler industry 12.10.2017 11:24 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

From the beginning of this year, the city built above the prefecture level to prohibit the construction of 20 tons of steam per hour below the coal-fired boilers, other areas shall not build 10 tons per hour below the coal-fired boilers. Above the city level built in 2014 to be eliminated 30 per hour 10 tons of steam and the following coal-fired boilers. From the beginning of this year, the city built above the prefecture level to prohibit the construction of 20 tons of steam per hour below the coal-fired boilers, other areas shall not build 10 tons per hour below the coal-fired boilers. Above the city level built in 2014 to be eliminated 30 per hour 10 tons of steam and the following coal-fired boilers.Two-zone vacuum tube furnace with complete accessory
Since the winter, in the face of severe haze situation, the whole operation and control of the haze action in an orderly manner, the energy equipment industry duty-bound, sharpening the haze of the strong bow crossbow. With the implementation of the 10 countries of the air pollution control, the government departments launched a series of combo fist, such as natural gas supply, industrial structure adjustment and optimization, environmental protection price, energy intensity control.1200C 2KA>:>9 20:CC<=>9 !! A8AB5<K A @074286=>3> B8?0 :20@F52CN B@C1:C ?5G8
Faced with severe haze situation: the boiler industry shoulder the heavy responsibility
However, from the recent situation, the field of energy equipment, technological upgrading has gradually become an important starting point for the haze. At the beginning of the new year, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry issued the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas of key industrial enterprises to clean production level upgrade plan" (hereinafter referred to as "promotion plan") notice, the equipment manufacturing industry and industrial boilers into the clean production level upgrade plan, Promote the use of advanced, mature, applicable technology and equipment, the implementation of technological transformation, to achieve the goal of effectively reducing air pollutants.Horno de vacío a alta temperatura para sinterización de tratamiento térmico
Thema: Stainless steel pipe industry future development

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Stainless steel pipe industry future development 12.10.2017 10:50 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Environmental protection Industrial waste, refuse and sewage treatment plants are made of stainless steel. China's green environmental protection industry in the "15" period will have a faster development, in 2008, China's environmental protection industry is expected to reach the output value of 200 billion yuan, "15" period, China's environmental protection industry average annual growth rate of 15% about. This will drive the demand for stainless steel for stainless steel companies and stainless steel traders to provide many business opportunities.AISI Ss 304 304l stainless steel seamless pipe Industrial facilities Developed countries industrial facilities using the proportion of stainless steel generally can be 15% -20%, the current domestic application rate is still small. With the improvement of domestic stainless steel product quality and the development of special grades of products, the future of domestic industrial facilities, the application of stainless steel will increase year by year.ýýýýgçggýýçýý ýý'gýçýý ýýgg§§ýý, ýýgççýý ýý'gýçýý ý§gýýý Appliance industry in the home appliance industry, the largest application of stainless steel is the automatic washing machine inner tube, water heater liner, microwave inside and outside the shell, refrigerator lining, and multi-purpose ferritic stainless steel. Western Europe, the proportion of large domestic stainless steel, Asia, in addition to Japan, close to the level of the European generally used less.Tubo de acero al carbono soldado de bajo costo de alta calidad China's microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, television and other home appliances industry is the future development of stainless steel potential market. It is estimated that the next 5 to 10 years, the field of household appliances is expected to consumption of stainless steel from 8% or even 10%, thus driving the future development of the stainless steel industry. China's household electrical appliance industry demand for stainless steel pipe will reach 10 million -15 million tons.pre galvanized hollow section steel pipe fence posts
Thema: China Supplier Wuxi seamless steel pipe rectangular steel tube standard sizes

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China Supplier Wuxi seamless steel pipe rectangular steel tube standard sizes 12.10.2017 05:19 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

China Supplier Wuxi Seamless Steel Pipe Rectangular Steel Tube Standard Sizes , Find Complete Details about China Supplier Wuxi Seamless Steel Pipe Rectangular Steel ...
... China Steel Tube China Steel Steel Pipe Steel Casting Stainless Steel Sheet Steel Sheet Steel Tube Sizes Steel Bar Stainless Steel Pipe Stainless Steel Tube Steel ...
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Thema: Electron beam furnace

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Electron beam furnace 11.10.2017 04:13 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

The furnace is heated and melted by high-speed electron bombardment of the material (shown in Fig. 4). In a vacuum furnace shell, the cathode is heated by a low-voltage filament to emit electrons. The electron beam accelerates motion by accelerating the high-voltage electric field of the anode, bombarding the metal material at the anode and converting the electric energy into heat. Since the electron beam can be highly dense by the electromagnetic focusing device, it is possible to produce a high temperature at the site where the material is bombarded. Electron beam furnace for melting special steel, refractory and lively metal.
Industrial furnaces are classified into two types: a periodic working furnace and a continuous working furnace.2SK 1>;LH>9 cfm 42>9=>9 MB0? 2>4>:>;LF52KE 20:CC<=K9 =0A>A
Cycling furnace is divided into: box furnace, sealed box furnace, pit furnace, bell furnace furnace, trolley furnace, dumping roller furnace.High quality vertical tube-type vacuum atmosphere cremation furnace
Continuous operation furnace is divided into: kiln furnace furnace, putter furnace, roller furnace, vibration furnace, turn furnace, step furnace, traction furnace, continuous drum furnace, conveyor belt furnace. One conveyor belt furnace can be divided into: a net belt furnace, stamping chain plate furnace, casting chain plate furnace.El mejor Vidrio de vacío laminado Horno cuadrado de metal
Thema: 316L stainless steel tube manufacturer market

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316L stainless steel tube manufacturer market 10.10.2017 11:55 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

From the 316L stainless steel pipe supply and demand level, the current steel stocks increased compared with the previous period, but the overall range is still in the controllable range, the circulation of social market stocks slightly different varieties, including construction steel stocks increased significantly.304 304L 316 316L stainless steel grating ,hot sale In addition, recently, Beijing, Tianjin, Handan, Jinan and other cities have issued a "shutdown order", the current Handan "stop order" has been implemented on the 18th, other cities will focus on October or November to start the implementation of late 316L stainless steel Demand will be inhibited, short-term market demand and market mentality of a greater impact.304L hairline finish stainless steel sheet In the 316L stainless steel pipe demand does not occur in real terms under the premise of environmental inspection efforts are increasing, the Government considered in the next few months to shut down some steel mills to reduce winter air pollution.@C3;K5 B@C1K 87 =5@6025NI59 AB0;8 A5@88 430 To prevent the already resolved 316L stainless steel tube excess capacity resurgence. Requiring the provinces and autonomous regions to seriously organize the 2017 iron and steel coal to capacity acceptance work, this year to exit the production capacity of the project by the end of October to complete, in this sensitive time once again bright attitude.aisi 130 stainless steel wire coil 0.5mm
Thema: Electric furnace

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Electric furnace 10.10.2017 04:02 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Electric furnace is the furnace energy into heat for the workpiece heating furnace, electric furnace can be divided into resistance furnace, induction furnace, electric arc furnace, plasma furnace, electron beam furnace.
CE double zone Vacuum and Atmosphere tube Furnace 1200 C
Compared with the fuel furnace, the advantages of the furnace are: easy to control the furnace atmosphere; material heating fast; high heating temperature; easy to control the temperature; the production process easier to achieve mechanization and automation; good labor conditions; high thermal efficiency; More environmentally friendly, is conducive to alleviate the increasingly serious environmental problems.
Bomba de vacío de anillo de agua / bomba de agua / bombas de agua centrífuga
Electric furnace is the furnace energy into heat for the workpiece heating furnace, metallurgical industry Electric furnace is mainly used for steel, ferroalloy, nonferrous metals such as melting, heating and heat treatment. At the end of the 19th century, industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced. Since the 1950s, the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the decline in electricity costs have been increasing with the development of the power industry. The proportion of electric stoves in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.Hard Chrome 20:CC<=K5 coater
Thema: steel line pipe API 5L Spiral steel pipe with liquid delivery

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steel line pipe API 5L Spiral steel pipe with liquid delivery 30.09.2017 09:16 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

API 5L, ASTM A53, Line pipes, Carbon steel pipes, Structure pipes, low pressure liquid delivery pipes Product Details Production: Steel pipe / steel tube/ Spiral Steel Pipe ...
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6&amp;period; spiral steel pipe 7&amp;period; galvanized steel pipe KEY WORDS API 5L line pipe STB340 without coating line pipe ASTM A53 line pipe 6m Gr&amp;period;B API5L line ...
API 5L carbon steel 12 inch spiral welded steel pipe for liquid delivery ... The measurement of API 5L carbon steel 12 inch spiral welded steel pipe for liquid delivery.
Thema: Stainless steel polishing light tube manufacturer

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Stainless steel polishing light tube manufacturer 30.09.2017 06:25 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

In the removal of the strip of steel, to production capacity, environmental protection and other positive effects, the beginning of the year, the national market began to drop the inventory process. From the national stainless steel seamless pipe inventory, the decline of more than 50%, the phenomenon of demand is widespread, under the stimulation of high profits, steel production at full capacity, blast furnace operating rate and capacity utilization continued high, the market supply gap Added, stainless steel seamless pipe market began to stabilize the rebound.factory price stainlesss steel sheet In addition, the stock from the steel point of view, the current national stainless steel seamless pipe stocks in the country this year, the lowest level of steel mills, steel mills without inventory pressure, in addition, the futures almost no inventory, but also for the steel prices to provide support.0.25Mm Bright Stainless Steel Plate From China After entering in September, stainless steel seamless spot market shipments did not significantly improve. The concept of the local, most businesses reflect the market shipments are still poor, stimulating the spot market demand, in addition, the other terminal demand is very few. In addition, also by the stainless steel seamless pipe market prices continued high, the terminal procurement costs, delivery of positive impact significantly.304 304L 316 316L 321 420 310S acero inoxidable i haz On the whole, in the first half to capacity, environmental protection and other environmental protection in the winter and other excessive speculation, the market bubble serious. In addition, from the month of August macro data, multiple indicators fell, while the September stainless steel seamless pipe market demand did not appear significantly improved, supply or will become the main logic of the market.color mirror etched sheet for Home Lift
Thema: Rare earth separation ion exchange method

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Rare earth separation ion exchange method 29.09.2017 09:46 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Because the step-by-step method can not produce a single rare earth, so the research of rare earth elements has also been hindered after the Second World War, the US atomic bomb development program that the so-called Manhattan plans to promote the development of rare earth separation technology, Thorium and other radioactive elements of similar nature, as soon as possible to promote the study of atomic energy, rare earth as its substitutes to be used. In order to analyze the rare earth elements contained in the nuclear fission products and to remove rare earth elements from uranium and thorium, ion exchange chromatography (ion exchange method) was successfully studied and used for the separation of rare earth elements.vacuum furnace 600C
The principle of the ion exchange chromatography is that the cation exchange resin is first filled in the column and the mixed rare earth to be separated is adsorbed at the end of the column inlet and then the eluent flows from top to bottom through the column. The rare earth that forms the complex is separated from the ion exchange resin and flows down with the eluent. In the process of flowing rare earth complex decomposition, and then adsorbed on the resin. In this way, the rare earth ions are adsorbed and separated from the resin, and as the eluent flows toward the outlet end of the column. Since the stability of the complex formed by the rare earth ion and the complexing agent is different, the rare earth ions are moved at a different speed, and the rare earth having a large affinity flows down quickly, and the result is first reached the outlet end.PVD ý§ýgýýý-ýgý'ýçýý ýýggg§§ççýý ýýýg'ýý§çýý ýýýý'ýýý§ý ýýýgý§çý
The advantage of the ion exchange method is that one operation can separate multiple elements. But also to get high-purity products. The disadvantage of this method is that it can not be continuously processed, the time spent in the operation cycle is long, and the cost of regeneration and exchange of the resin is high. Therefore, this is the main method of separating large amounts of rare earth from the mainstream separation method , And is replaced by a solvent extraction method. However, due to the ion exchange chromatography method has the advantages of obtaining high purity single rare earth products, at present, for the preparation of ultra-high purity single rare earth products and some heavy rare earth elements separation, need to use ion exchange chromatography separation preparation.
Pvd ýçg'ýý§çýý ýgý'ý ýçgýýg§ç§ý ýý§ýýýgýçgç§ý
Thema: Stainless steel pipe industry survey

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Stainless steel pipe industry survey 28.09.2017 11:58 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

National Bureau of Statistics data show that from January to September this year, China's seamless steel pipe production 15.45 million tons. Among them, the export volume of 2.362 million tons, the amount of 3.345 billion US dollars, exports accounted for 15.3% of total production. While China's steel exports over the same period the total production ratio of 4%. China's seamless steel pipe production in 2008 was 20.18 million tons, of which exports 6.09 million tons, exports accounted for 30.18%.factory price stainlesss steel sheet In addition, the statistics show that from January to September this year, China's top five exporting countries were: the United States (355,000 tons), the EU (104,000 tons), Algeria (288,000 tons), India (200,000 tons) , Singapore (125,000 tonnes). In 2008, China's top five exporting countries were: the United States (229 million tons), the EU 25 countries (500,000 tons), South Korea (316,000 tons), Algeria (294,000 tons), India (260,000 tons) The0.14mm acero inoxidable plato de lavado de alambre depurador Stainless steel and stainless steel composite pipe of the difference between the stainless steel composite pipe: the material for the iron pipe, wrapped outside the stainless steel layer, relatively strong, good closure of the mouth can ensure that the rust-proof period and pure stainless steel is no different Stainless steel pipe: the entire tube are stainless steel lighter, load-bearing capacity is no composite pipe is good, but not easy to rust, stainless steel material is divided into several kinds of 200,201,300,301,304, the market is generally 301 material, 304 the best results, followed by 301.Factory Price High Performance DIN 60Cr3 Stainless Steel Welding Wire
Thema: Separation of rare earth elements

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Separation of rare earth elements 28.09.2017 04:51 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

At present, in addition to Pm other than the 16 rare earth elements can be purified to 6N (99.9999%) purity. In the mixed rare earth compounds obtained by the decomposition of rare earth concentrates, the separation and extraction of single pure rare earth elements is complicated and difficult in chemical process. There are two main reasons, one is the physical properties and chemical properties of lanthanides are very similar, most of the rare earth ion radius between the two adjacent elements, very similar, in the aqueous solution are stable trivalent state. Rare earth ions and water affinity, due to the protection of hydrates, the chemical properties are very similar to the separation and purification is extremely difficult. (Such as uranium, thorium, niobium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, iron, calcium, silicon, fluorine, phosphorus, etc.) in the mixed rare earth compounds obtained after the decomposition of rare earth concentrates. Therefore, in the separation of rare earth elements of the process, not only to consider the dozen chemical properties of extremely similar between the rare earth elements separation, but also must consider the rare earth elements associated with the separation of impurities between the elements.Horno de soldadura al vacío de tres cámaras
(1) fractional method (graded crystallization method, graded precipitation method and redox method); (2) ion exchange method; (3) solvent extraction method. (2) ion exchange method; (3) solvent extraction method.
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Thema: Q235B Grade H Beams Steel Beams structural steel price per ton

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Q235B Grade H Beams Steel Beams structural steel price per ton 28.09.2017 03:16 Forum: Shisha Tabaksorten

Q235b Q345b Structural Steel I ... q345b structural steel i beam for sale: h beam universal beam steel h beam iron beam metal support beamGood price cheap corrugated cold rolled steel plate sheet ||Rectangular hollow section steel new products on china market 2017 ||cold drawn high precision tube s wide flange beams t ...
China Ss400/q235b/q345b H Beams - Select 2017 high quality Ss400/q235b/q345b H Beams products varied in Standard, ... Best Price Structural Steel 125*125mm H ...
China Structural Steel Beam (A36/Q235B/C250), Find details about China Steel H Beam, H Beam from Structural Steel Beam (A36/Q235B/C250) - Qingdao Jiahexin Steel ...
... Price Q235B, Q345b, Ss400, S235jr, Find details about China Q235B Q345b Ss400 S235jr, H Beam from Hot Rolled Carbon H Beam/I Beam Steel Price Q235B ...
Hot rolled structural steel H beam Grade&amp;colon; Q235B&amp;comma; Q235&amp;comma; Q345B&amp;comma; SS400&amp;comma; A36 ... H Beams Size Unit Weight Size Unit Weight ...
China Structural Steel H Beam (A36, SS400, Q235B, Q345B, S235JR, S355), Find details about China H Beam, Q235B H Beam from Structural Steel H Beam ...
China ASTM A653 Grade Hot Rolled H Section Steel H Beams, Find details about China H Beams, ... China Structural Steel Beams H Beam for Building Q235 GB AL ...
China Hot Selling JIS Ss400 Standard Steel H Beam Price Per Kg, Find details about China H Beam, Q235 Steel H Beams from Hot Selling JIS Ss400 Standard Steel H ...
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China Q235 Steel Beam in C Shape, Find details about China Hot Rolled Steel H Beams, Steel H-Beams from Q235 Steel Beam in C Shape ...
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