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Yong Zheng blue glaze censer

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Emperor Zhu Zhanji declared the reign of ten years have nine years to participate in engage in engagements, the last year due to illness and absence. As the emperor valued the sacrificial activities burned a lot of sacrificial porcelain, the central government insufficient funds called local government "Shun Tian Fu" (today's Beijing municipal government) together fired a blue sprinkled blue glaze crafted multicolored porcelain, since the local government €The capital on the porcelain to keep a section of recognition as a reward, so sprinkle blue glaze multicolored porcelain playing a "Ming dynasty Xuande system" section also known as "Shun Tianfu for" paragraph knowledge.

This piece of sprinkled blue glaze seawater dragon incense burner carved in the inner wall of the bottom of the double-loop section of the "Ming dynasty Xuande system" to Dragon-based ornamentation, this sacrificial porcelain is not a national large-scale sacrificial activities but the Ancestral Temple sacrificial device.

This censer 9.6 centimeters high, caliber 24.5 cm. Imported Soviet Union.

This piece of incense burners is made of geocast production of tires, it contains a high matrix of alumina elements, high metal content of the carcass furnace with a metal buckle than the sound of metal is not than the quality of Maochou soil carcass porcelain metal sound The time is longer.
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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Wasserpfeifen Bestandteile » Shisha Tabaksorten » Yong Zheng blue glaze censer
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