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The bridegroom's funny proposal confession

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Message: | Verfasst: 08.08.2018 10:16

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Dabei seit: 20.10.2016
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1, marry into An Village, An Village condition bad: basic on spinning clothing, basic on dinner party, get rich by rob, basic basic depend to marry, basic on traffic, communication basic roar, basic on dog, Ann heating basic by shaking.

You ask how deep I love you is, the moon represents my heart. You asked me how true I was to you, and I fainted without you.

3. The network dream is long; Who is clothed with love; Only you know spring warm; The moon is a bright moon.

I want to share everything with you, because I can't find another woman who matches me except you.

5, I this person, always regards money as dirt, marry to me, you also won't have the worry in your life - I contracted the city 13 public toilet, make sure that we do not worry to eat not worry to drink.

You, I am not alone, when I cry, have you help me wipe away, when I am cold, you hold me in my heart, I am not lonely dear, I love you!

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Beautiful you smile, my face wrinkles like flowers; Lovely you walk a walk, I low three lower four follow behind; Sweet you shake your head, I forget worry and sorrow; When you yell at me, my heart will be a thin rice porridge!

You can do anything early this year. If you are afraid of blocking the road, go out early. Be afraid of not keeping up with the CPI. Of course get married soon, my dear, marry me soon.

I still love you to this day. I have been waiting for you to see through all the scenery, come back to accompany me to see the long stream.

It is said that the earliest love poem is written like this: you are from yunnan yuanmou, I come from Beijing zhoukou, hold your hairy little hand, gently nibble a small mouth, ah! Love makes us walk upright!

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love shopping and cooking

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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Hookah-forum.de » Probleme & Feedback » The bridegroom's funny proposal confession
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