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Song go kiln fish ear stove.

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The shape of this furnace is shaped like a bronze decorator of the shang dynasty. The shape of the "S" contour line is closed with a convex shape. It Outlines a dignified and full body. The appearance of the furnace is simple and elegant, the body is green and grey glaze, and the glaze is covered with the "golden thread" of the net, so that the plain glaze is rich in rhythmic beauty. There are 6 round sticks in the outer bottom.
The fish ear stove is named after the fish shaped ears on both sides and can be used to burn incense. It is a famous product in the song dynasty. Yuan, Ming, although there is imitation of the world, but all seem to be separated from god, unable to match the original charm.
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This piece belongs to the old collection of the qing palace, the emperor qianlong was quite appreciative, and once wrote a poem, which was inscribed by gong tingyu as a craftsman. It is made from the ear of the fish, the color of the eel. There was no fire, but there was a cloud. If you can't tell the difference between eight and eight, how to punish your nose? The post office "qianlong proclaims mid spring".

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The archaize, the southern song works, high 8.8 cm, diameter 11.9 cm, foot diameter 9.2 cm. The body is yellow, the glaze is soft, full of open film, gold wire iron wire, now hidden in the national museum of China. It is one of the five famous kilns in the song dynasty, but the kiln site is not yet settled, and there are very few of them, which are mostly hidden in the Palace Museum and the national Palace Museum in Taipei. It is rare and precious to collectors, and a rare piece of song dynasty porcelain is enough to make a big difference.
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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Wasserpfeifen Bestandteile » Shisha Tabaksorten » Song go kiln fish ear stove.
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