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Qipao dress 

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Qipao gives people a combination of classical elegance and modern design sense of slightly retro style of fashion clothing, appreciate the qipao wedding photos, for your qipao dress left a perfect impression.

Qipao is a symbol of retro style. The bridegroom wears a cloth gown and a top hat. The face of the bride wearing a dark cheongsam, small body plate with a shawl, the whole picture interpretation of a unique flavor of Shanghai beach.

Nowadays, more and more styles of wedding photos appear, and many young people have also turned to the retro route of start and taken traditional Chinese cheongsam wedding photos. In the photo, the bride and groom are dressed in plain clothes. They seem to be whispering to each other.

Qipao because of its unique shape, the bride's body to show the most incisively and vividly. The groom looks like casual expression, with the bride's eyes turned, showing a very attractive temptation.

A period has a unique style, put on the qing qipao, that is, that is the qing dynasty people, and then put on a short qipao wear tight point, that has come to the republic of China period.

Nowadays, a lot of new appoinment more like the cheongsam of republic of China period, be willing to put on it savour the history of that time, the amorous feelings of aftertaste old Shanghai, show a suit to flow curvaceous beauty, do the official wife that has petty endowment emotional appeal at first.

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Some people are sentimentally attached to the silk and satin pesters of ancient times, graceful and graceful white dress beauty, a suit of ancient dress dress up on the mirror, perform the boudoir of ancient times. These are qipao wedding photos show.

Chinese style wedding photos capture the characteristics of Chinese style to express the pursuit of elegant, subtle and elegant Oriental beauty. Half of the ruins, old stone steps, linshui floor, Ming and qing architecture are good choices. Such venues and many, the key is to determine the theme of qipao wedding photos, after the convenient collocation.

The old days are gone forever, but many new couples hope to take their wedding photos with the Shanghai style in the 1940s. The old style, which is a cheongsam, an old radio and matching tableware, furniture, rocking chair and desk lamp to set it off, is a true portrayal of the old days.

When it comes to the most miserable era, all of them will say the 1950s. That era was the era of red, and it was also the most bitter and most difficult era. Many new people were innovative, wearing red army cheongsam suits, as if they had passed through that era, which was refreshing.

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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Hookah-forum.de » Probleme & Feedback » Qipao dress 
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