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Completely solve the WIFI wireless router no signal problem

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Message: | Verfasst: 07.02.2018 07:47
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<p>Is not at home to find the router signal is not awesome. Another room is often dropped. Another high-power Original Cisco Ws C3650 24Td L 3650 24 Port Fiber Network Switch 3650 24Td L still can not solve the problem.
<p>try this method to ensure that no signal dropped problem. </p>
<p>Prerequisite: need two wireless routers </p>
<p>First of all need a wireless router to be able to access the Internet (the best choice of a dual-antenna high-power network connection is better). Here to skip setting up the router network. Focus on setting another router </p>
<p>First log in to the network with a wireless router, use your current networked computer log in </p>
<p>Enter < Default account admin password admin part of the router default account guest password guest specific router account password to read the instructions, or check the Internet </p>
<p>into the basic settings - the channel is changed to 9 save and restart the Cisco Switch 2960X Series Ws C2960X 48Ts L Cisco Network Switch 2960X 48 Ports <br / >
<p>There is a network of wireless routers set up do not care. </p>
<p>The key part: </p>
<p>put another wireless router power plug in the phone or computer to connect this wireless router the same way to log in </p>
<p>this When may encounter unable to search this router wireless signal. </p>
<p>Solution: Your router may not open wirelessly. Use a network cable to connect your computer. Log in with your computer </p>
<p>After logging in. Select the DHCP server to select the DHCP service Not enabled (IP will be assigned by network router, this route does not assign IP) Save and restart router </p>
<p>Select the LAN port to set the IP address to (for later use this address to log in The router) to save and restart the router </p>
<p>Remember to use to log in to the router </p>
<p>wireless settings - the basic settings - in accordance with the picture has been finished. You can not even drop the new wireless now. Fast speed. </p>
<p>The following is a scan SSID diagram </p>
<p>Although the signal strength value of 36dB (equivalent to a cell phone signal) but the speed will not be dropped. </p>
<p>After setting the new wireless router anywhere in the house without fear of no signal. Where did not place a signal which </p>
<p>remember to set a new password for the wireless route. </p>
<p>Reminder: Because only one channel setting with network routing is changed. Once you set the wrong result of the problem will not affect your normal Internet access. </p>
<p>However, if you do not have a network cable you can set the wrong route to restore the factory settings. Press the small button on the router 3 seconds part of the router is a small hole. Insert the toothpick behind the hole in the routing for 3 seconds </p>
<p>If you have a good bridge to log in the new Cisco Layer 3 Switch Ws C3750G 12S S is the address for the instead of (This is a network router )</p>

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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Wasserpfeifen Bestandteile » Shisha Tabaksorten » Completely solve the WIFI wireless router no signal problem
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