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Change router address to, but can't get in.

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Message: | Verfasst: 09.04.2018 09:36
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<p>In order to complete the Huawei Telecom Equipment Ptn 905 bridge, two routers are not in the same segment, and many times we will go. Sometimes we change the router to or 192.168.*.1, that is to say, the third bits of the IP address have been changed. When we turn off the router, the address we get is the 192.168.1.* assigned by the superior router, and the IP address we have changed is not in the same segment, and the will not be able to open it.</p>
<p>The solution: if you have to enter the changed address, we must change our static IP to so that the network card is in the same segment as the</p>
<p>Change methods:</p>
<p>1, click the bottom left corner of the desktop, network.</p>
<p>2, click to open the network sharing center.</p>
<p>3. Click the local connection behind the connection type.</p>
<p>4, the next is to fill in static IP, WIN7 has 2 protocols, but at present we use the TCP/ip protocol 4, so we only need to change the TCP/IP protocol 4. Close the details of network connection, click properties, and display the local connection property. Double click on the TCP/IP protocol version 4.</p>
<p>5, select the following IP address in the version 4 attribute of the pop-up TCP/IP protocol.</p>
<p>IP Cisco Module Card Spa 1X10Ge L V2 Channelized Adapter Used For Cisco 7600 Series Router address:</p>
<p>Subnet mask:</p>
<p>Default gateway:</p>
<p>DNS below is not filled.</p>
<p>Though this method can enable us to enter, it is obviously too much trouble. And it needs to be restored to automatic acquisition after finishing, otherwise it will not go to the net.</p>
<p>If we go to a higher level router, we'll see if DHCP starts the pool to the end of the pool. It will be Here's an example. Back to our - based router setting interface, you can see that the start pool is (perhaps the DHCP you have closed, and you can see it again). These two addresses are not a gateway at all, so it is not in the same segment, so if we change the to, then we turn on DHCP and change to, without our IP address in the scope of the first router's automatic allocation, and the other is disconnected from each other. In this way, you can open two addresses at the same time. Many routers do not use the same gateway as New Cheap Huawei Optix Rtn 950 Series Rtn 950A Pdh Automatic Transmission and LAN, so this modification is not too extensive.</p>

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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Wasserpfeifen Bestandteile » Shisha Tabaksorten » Change router address to, but can't get in.
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