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A brief history of the development of foreign EPC

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In 1956, American H.F.SHOYER began the experiment of casting polystyrene foam plastics, and it was successful. It aroused great interest. In 1958, it was published in the form of patents. At that time, it was called "casting without mould cavity". At first, the law was only used to make castings such as metal statues and other works. After many practices and explorations, in 1962, West Germany introduced patents from the United States, and the EPC process was developed and applied in industry.1200C Vacuum Chamber Sintering Furnace
In 1964, T.R.SMITH, the United States, published a patent for the use of a non - adhesive dry sand molding to produce die casting. In 1967, the lost foam casting method with ordinary clay sand and self hardening sand has been successfully applied, and has been applied in many countries, producing thousands of tons of castings, but the dry casting without binder has not been developed, and is still in the exploratory stage. From 60s to 70s, the EPC method was limited to single piece production. The typical products were automobile mould, machine base, art and so on. In 1968, the German E.KRYZMOWSKI pumped a negative pressure in the sand box and patented it, that is, the present die casting.
Prior to 80s, due to patent restriction, no adhesive used in the production of dry sand casting Limited EPC; foundry industry and other industries are not coordinated; because of the improper process, sand and paint is not suitable and real casting model quality is not high due to the appearance and inherent quality is not good enough, resulting in a part of wait and see people even doubt, the slow development of EPC method.
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After 1981 due to failure of the corresponding patent technology, and after several years of efforts, polystyrene foam material bead has made great progress, model of composite binder to improve quality, progress of high quality coatings were successfully developed technology, with the rapid development of vanishing mould casting method, and quickly applied in production. In 1982, the United States first opened the world's first production line of lost foam casting for the production of complex aluminum castings. At this point, as a new casting process, EPC is applied to production.
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Shisha - Wasserpfeifen - Hookah Forum » Wasserpfeifen Bestandteile » Shisha Tabaksorten » A brief history of the development of foreign EPC
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